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Your song-of-the-day, based on your current mood



No I figured that, don’t worry :slightly_smiling_face: I like cheese anyway.


:heart_eyes: I am happy if you are happy.

Seriously, I would have killed to have known any girl into this kind of music at school. As it was I shared my passion with a good friend who was like the last guy you´d expect this from (very sporty, very stylish, popular and cool) but to me he opened up about his love for power ballads so we used to sing our favourites together when no one else listened. You should have heard us when we were sitting in the classroom crooning the shit out of Catch The Rainbow…ahem…yeah, I´m not ashamed!

I have wonderful memories of listening to ZZ Top´s Rough Boy in a near dark room. It was like floating through space as on the Album Cover and in the Music Video…

Yeah, most of my most romantic moments I shared with some special friends, I guess.
Screw you everyone who decided to rather miss out on that! :smirk:


A lot of you folks have great taste in music. Especially (I read this whole thing for a badge), the Germans on here. Into rock and stuff that I am, You’ve also got very good broad spectrum of tastes and not a country record in sight.

:de: :uk: :fr: :it: :romania: :slovakia: :sweden: :ukraine:


gut gemacht Deutschland!
Douze points.
Talking of Eurovision, your acts are as bad as ours but Europe doesn’t hate you!


I would’ve killed to know anyone full stop who liked that kind of music. I mostly got into it at secondary school, but it was an all-girls school and most of them liked girly pop (or at least chart music). There was one girl I didn’t know very well then at our leaving do I found out she liked grunge, sigh.

But the group of friends I made after school, and you and a few others on here, have more than made up for that.


Well, I´m glad you liked it (if you did, that is). :slight_smile:


I haven’t got through it all yet - I’ll judge then :balance_scale:



No, I´m actually pretty confident, and even a 50/50 would be okay already. :slight_smile:


:franklin: I have no face… I am anonymous


I was listening to Ariane Grande’s God is a Woman and didn’t really like it…

But back in '06 we had this song by Oomph:




Is there “hotter”(*) music than “Summer in the City”?

(*) In the sense of sweating. Ehrm. You know what I mean. :wink:


When you´re feeling so :dizzy_face: that this is the only sort of music that makes any sense to you:

I :heart: this album!



Deerhunter - “Agoraphobia”


I´m actually not sure if Rainbow In The Dark even qualifies as powerballad but I don´t care, it´s amazeballs and belongs on EVERY compliation! :metal: :metal:




Nice songs, funny stories!
I especially like the part with the two red t-shirts in the second one :laughing: