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Coincidentally, some kid on the train has just started singing Baby Shark…


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Yellow Vest protesters in France led Macron to surrender.

Edit: I posted this video because I have always understood the word “Yellow” in the first part of the lyrics.
I have checked right now, and discovered that the chorus say “Together” instead of “Yellow”… :reyes:

Don’t ask me why, I was a teen and believed it was referred to the Pet Shop Boys’ clothes!


If I puked up some sonnets, would you call me a miracle?



Some of Brian’s finest playing IMO


Beautiful tune from their underrated self titled masterpiece! I think this is one of the songs that predates even the band itself (not sure if it was a Smile song or not. In the film they just played Doing Alright, I think).


That’s nice, I was going to put a Queen video too. Even if I haven’t seen the movie yet.

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Stay for the end credits to watch that video on the big screen!


Everytime I hear that song I can’t help but think of the Laverne and Shirley Theme Song. I think Freddie must have heard it, and the melody seeped in.

I think Doing Alright was the only one where Tim Staffel has a co-writing credit. Nice tune, I’m glad it made it into the film.


Yeah I liked the song choice in general. The odd one out was obviously Fat Bottomed Girls used in the “they´re successful now!” montage scene. Though I´m not sure what song should have been used for the 1974 era this was supposed to take place in.


I’m kind of glad I knew about that and the We Will Rock You chronological mistakes before going to the movie. It didn’t bother me since they were just trying to pace the story. Rami Malek seems likable, but I couldn’t help thinking he always seems so laid back with a deep voice, and Mercury’s speaking voice was more high-pitched and high strung. I guess you can’t get an exact replica of him for the film, but I’ve seen so many clips and interviews of the real Freddie that it was hard to suspsend my disbelief.