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Your song-of-the-day, based on your current mood


For me it was less the voice that itched me wrong but more the general attitude.

Rami Malek´s Mercury was always super pretentious almost always seemingly speaking in aphorisms and saying heavy important stuff all the time. From all the real Freddie interviews you would gather he was waaayyy more laid back and down to earth than the way he comes across in the movie.

I just realise it´s been two months since I saw it and we haven´t really talked about it yet.


Yeah I would see it again, but the ending is a bit too heavy to go through again so soon.

I know what you mean, I had to roll my eyes after a few of those quotes.
I loved the part where Roger and Brian were fighting about how bad the lyrics of “I’m in Love with My Car” are, and Roger brings up the line from “Sweet Lady” which I always that was funny and ridiculous.


Yeah, now imagine how that would have been had they done it the way it really happened. (though it might have been really intersting seeing him sing Mother Love from his bed!).

I´m gonna see it again anyway since a lot of the characterisation might have been lost in the german dub, so I´ll be renting the original once it hits amazon video.

Yeah, that was funny. Though it was also a bit weird when Freddie couldn´t remember the proper title of Spread Your Wings (in general it seemed like he was more concerned with his own songs than with those of the others).


Maybe in the later period, but I’m amazed at how well he sells a song even if he didn’t write it. I was surprised a few times to learn a song was written by Deacon or May. I’m pretty sure Spread Your Wings is a Deacon song. He was kind of their secret weapon (with his funny looks).



Yeah, he wrote it on the piano (and juding by the video he´s also the one who plays it on the recording). His other big thing was You´re My Best friend and you can usually tell his songs when they are based on a prominent bass riff like Another One Bites The Dust or Under Pressure (Invisible Man would be a sure bet, too).

While the most typical Brian May songs are those that are more “metal” like Hammer To Fall or Headlong.

That is his 1984 hairstyle, right? Easy to recognise! :laughing:


Congrats on that Grammy nomination! Hope it´ll win!


Discovered the “The Essentials” series by Deutsche Grammophon recently so I´m listening to all the albums on spotify at the moment. Probably the most christmasy thing I´ll be doing this year.


Btw, do you know the BnF Collection sonore?

(Also available on Deezer, Qobuz, and some other platforms.)


Interesting categories!


Btw, today they posted this Christmas playlist:


Here’s a nice uplifting holiday song!


This must have been written after one of the kids pressed the big red button.



Turn on subtitles for an English translation :notes:


I heard this song come on last year at a Shaun Of The Dead like moment when I was feeling so heartbroken I felt like I had lost the ground beneath my feet. I still think it´s beautiful though.

Sorry, something in my eye…


For your information there’s an inflamation in my tear gland.




Guess which movie I’ve watched yesterday? :wink:


Radio (2003). :grinning:


Metropolis? :robot: