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Adventure Game Merch Thread


Guy on the glass is Tex Murphy.


Exactly. The shot glass is from Kickstarter project Project Fedora (which resulted in the game Tesla Effect).


:star_struck: A ViewTron 3000!!! I would have liked one of those.

Also, I’ve decided. If anyone else here gets a Max, you have to re-enact the same shot, using whatever resources you have. :sunglasses:


And the rest? Come on guys (and Milan). Lefty’s! And the lubber parking thing. Two hints at once! (btw: do we have a “bad word” blacklist in this forum?).

We should reconstruct (famous) scenes from adventure games with them. :slight_smile: (Can we get a Sam plushy somewhere?)


Not merch but I´ve been thinking for a long time of real life objects from games.
Anyone know where this is one appears? :wink:


The game with the Kraken! (Can’t remember the name at the moment - must be something with Yak McDonalds…)


Yeah that´s the beginning of the first Larry of course.


Well turns out there actually IS such a thing:


You can get this on amazon. It´s missing a most important part, however.


Can’t you fix this yourself?

To get a little back on-topic again: Couldn’t you buy a “chicken with a pulley” as a Monkey Island merch?


Really? Never heard about that before!

This looks homemade:


Great idea!
Hmm… are there any famous adventure game scenes involving a bear? Just curious…

No official Sam plushies have been released, yet.


Don’t know but I have a picture of such a toy in my head. But might be a homemade chicken…

Oh, yes! For example “Simon the Sorcerer”:

or this little game:

Have you made one?


Back to the future
Zak McKracken And The Alien Mindbenders


Oh my… a sexy chicken toy without something in the middle


Just as I thought!


No, I don’t know how to make things like that.


Mmhhh, caaaake!


Awwww. :heart_eyes: Perfect cosplay! (And there is this resemblance around the eyes…).

But, but, but … that cake! Can I switch with Max? I promise I will wear his costume if I get some of that very, very, very deeeeelicious looking cake! :blush:


We welcome our new contestant on this weeks episode of:

What would YOU do for cake?