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Adventure Game Merch Thread


I assure you that you don’t wanna know that!


Max says it’s a deal.

But first you have to pass through the Obstacle Course of Tasty Things. If you nibble on any of the sweet treats along the way, your access to the Supreme Chocolate Cake will be DENIED.

(Side effects of this game may include stress, confusion, and questioning your own existence. What Would You Do For Cake acceps no liability for this.)



Ah, adventure cakeing! Where and when do I have to sign in?

Sound like it’s not suitable for kids? :thinking:


You can sign up for adventure cakeing by sending an apllication form written in icing.
Send it to CakeGames Inc, 22 Wafer Way, Caramellington. The deadline is next Monday.

Exactly, but for another reason. A kid on a sugar high is a dangerous thing!


Done. When do I get an answer?

Not only kids! I know this … from a friend.


You´re high on sugar right now, aren´t you?




Congratulations Someone, you have been chosen as a contestant for What Would You Do For Cake!!! :tada:

You will be sent your vehicle within the next few days. The secret location is programmed into the GPS. Getting a matching outfit is optional, but encouraged. Try not to crash the vehicle on the way, as you’ll need it for one of the adventure cakeing challenges.


If you have a preference of vehicle, I’ll try to make sure that one is sent out to you.

These are from Wreck It Raplh, one of my favourite Disney films!

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Steve Purcell is going to the San Diego Comic Fest with a suitcase full of Maxes :kissing_smiling_eyes:


And all carefully wrapped up by Sam in shiny body bags, too!


You never know when you need a new one!


Somebody made a Sam to go with the Max, and it’s made my day :heart:


Do physical copies of adventure games themselves count in this digital era? :angel:

No? Okay, I’ll leave myself out then. :cry:


Sure, why not :innocent:


I’ll just claim some of these are for Monkey Island. /nods



it seems that Sam is a piece unique


Wow, @tasse-tee you’re faster to notice and like than I can add a post with a tag to draw your attention over here. :racing_car:


Yep, The Sam(s) I found in the internet was/were handmade. But I really wonder why they sell Max but not Sam - especially after Max was sold out within minutes…

Yeah! She got this special “like revolver” that she is able to draw faster than her shadow…


* pew pew! *