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Adventure Game Merch Thread


Is it me or is Sam&Max merch especially desirable?

There is new info about those upcoming Sam&Max figures with detailed pictures:

It even includes a Max paper bag puppet!


Oooooo :astonished:
These look fantastic!


scribble scribble


Yes, it’s just you and @tasse-tee


So… the first one was released in the meantime. And was updated. Do I have to redo this shot?


I’ve got the complete Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition box set all still sealed. By the way, willing to pay/trade for the Tales of Monkey Island Voodoo Card Set (or the E3 Treasure of Melee Island shirt or Guybrush voodoo doll could also peak my interest)!!

When is placed Monkey Island 1?

We have news on the fluffy front:
Now you can get yourself an army of White Rabbit Plushs! *, **

* Alice is an action-adventure so it’s legal to post it here.
** Dogs may not arrive alive.