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:laughing: What a coincidence…
I did the opposite when I was talking to my wife about the actor Gael García Bernal, I accidentally called hom Gabriel Garcia Marquez :man_facepalming:


I always have to think real hard not to make those mistakes when talking about either of them.

I´m just glad there is no way to mix up the names of the director of 12 Years A Slave and the lead actor of Bullit…


Sorry, I forgot about replying about him…
I thought of him since, like Palahniuk and Bukowski he’s american, and he’s a somehow pulp-ish novelist. He writes books very different from each other (from hard-boiled to psycho-noir, to western, to science fiction) with a dry humour I love. He is famous for the series of Hap and Leo. These books are maybe the lightests he wrote, with a strong comedic line. They’re about a couple of detectives. One is eterosexual, democratic and white. The other is black, gay and republican.
They often quarrel about politics, especially while they’re hard beating up some bad guy.

No, that would be too hard! :smile: the game is for me, to find one book for every year!

Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations

Thanks, his stuff sounds interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

Ohhhh :grinning: let us know what you come up with.


I read The Prague Cemetery after being to the actual place in Prague, last year in December:

I thumbed through The Island of the Day Before in bookstores a few times, but never really found a passage that has made me want to continue reading.


I write non-fiction books for a living… if you’re interested in hip-hop at all, check them out! -

I mainly read non-fiction, the last thing I read was “The Musical Artistry of Rap” by Martin Connor.
The last novel I read was “Ready Player One” which I enjoyed, haven’t seen the movie of it yet…


To bad my dad writes in german only, otherwise I´d plug him here, too.


Do it nevertheless!

So I have an excuse to plug mine.


There is a new Stephen King short story out that was put on his official website for free distribution and sharing.

It´s only about 36 pages and divided into like 10 chapters. I could read it, if you like and upload one chapter at a time.


Google turned up 2 books with fantastic short stories. One of which looks like something I would enjoy, the other one seems a bit too grim, based on the description. Not such a big fan of short stories, but I think I’ll bite :slight_smile: .


Deutsch ist ja soooo schwierig. :stuck_out_tongue:

French is hard. German is a breeze unless you’re in a situation where you have to care about writing all the cases just right. :wink:


Sag das mal unseren Kollegen hier. :wink:


Where are they from?


I mean the people on the forum. :slight_smile:


I also found something, I suppose it’s him. I mean, the surname and the city match.

So… the next challenge is, find my book on Amazon. I think you have enough hints about me to find out.


4 stars on Goodreads. Unfortunately, the only Italian I know is Pizza and Pasta :slight_smile: .


Whoa, that’s true. I didn’t even know it was listed there and now I wonder who rated it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thinking of translating to English some of the short stories I wrote, but I usually write a lot of puns, and adapting them would be a nightmare.


That means the chances are like really really good.


Three non fiction recommendations from me:

Kens’s Guide to the Bible by Ken Smith

You won´t believe some of the stuff that the “good book” actually says! Also google for “The Brick Testament” for an even funnier take on the text.

The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan

One of the greatest reads I ever had in my life. Might as well change the very view you have on the world.

The Skeptic´s Dictionary by James Randi (german edition pictured)

Ever wondered: Is that thing they tell me about for real? Chances are you may find it here. Besides many magic tricks are explained here.