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Collecting Lucasarts games


Oh, thanks for the warning. I kinda assumed Ebay, so…

Anyway, I have some doubts about the pricing now… shipping more expensive than the product? FROM NEXT DOOR?! :angry:

But I can get it sent to the Netherlands (my parents) for €4. I’ll probably do it after lunchnow.

Edit: and bought.

I meant that I borrowed MI3 from the library and MI4 from a friend. Owned != played and that’s an important distinction both ways. I’ve owned Zak McKracken on GOG for three years now after all. I played it almost exactly a month prior to the three-year-ownership anniversary (21-6-'15). :wink:


Perhaps I could add another item and come and pick it up in Antwerp or is that too late?


I was told my package will be shipped on Monday, but I’m not yet sure when I’ll visit my parents. It could be a few months. So if you don’t mind waiting for a while, fine by me. :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks. I’ll contact the seller then to arrange things.


I’m still hoping (dreaming?) to one day bag myself a big box of The Secret of Monkey Island. :thinking:
(Not one of the “Kixx” budget re-release - tho if I saw one for < £20, I’d probably nab it!)

It would just be nice to own a piece of Point+Click history. :blush:
(even if it will likely just sit on my shelf, next to my other “must haves”!)


If the Big D sniffes the business, stay seren, your dream will become reality!


MM Dos 60 bucks. Get it.


Thanks!! Unfortunately it doesn’t ship to my country.

(And it doesn’t include the poster, for those in the US who consider buying it)


If you’re quick it can be in Belgium within two weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:


how come?


My mother in law (who lives in Illinois) is coming over in a little less than two weeks.


Thanks for the offer! I’ve contacted the seller… it said “this item doesn’t ship” -not sure if that is true for within the US too (Illinois-Ohio is a pretty big distance in EU terms)


The FM Towns version is available for 999,90 Euros. Is this a new record?


Zak McKracken is still at 700 euros. I can’t believe it.


Not even close…

I have seen 2000€ asking prices too.
Now you can ask anything, so the real record should be the price it actually was sold for


If these games are so expensive over such a long period, they really must be worth such a price.


Jeez, with inflated S.O.M.I. prices like that… I’ve got NO HOPE! :sob:


It depends what you’re looking for, but you can find SoMI boxes + disks + codewheel from £30 on ebay right now.
If you want to have a particular version (EGA or with Spiffy the dog) or for a particular system, you’ll need to be more patient and look out for “buy now” deals. Don’t waste your time and energy on bidding, there’s always a bigger and wealthier loof than you! (In my experience at least).


Finally, a MI box I can afford


This is absolutely adorable!

But again… HOW MUCH?! :astonished:
(I know it’s hand made, but…)