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Collecting Lucasarts games


Yeah, that’s way too much for something they print out on an inkjet and fold. It barely even uses any ink!

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I kindly disagree. I mean, some people asks 1000+ EUR for an original unsigned box which they bought at one fraction of the price. And they have made no effort, except that required in buying and preserving them.
I, myself, was so disappointed in spending EUR 100 for an original MI1 box 'cause I lost mine (I found it again after rebuying, btw…)

This is an artisan’s work. There’s a lot of passion, research, skill and time spent to made them. And dont’t forget, speaking money-worth that this guy had to buy at least an Adobe Illustrator license, a pro printer, a Silhuette Cameo. I’ve seen the pics and they seem impressive. Look at the precision of the make of the code wheel! Nothing that I’d like to own, but sure it is a product which has an high production value that goes far beyond the price of the cardboard and of the ink.

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You’re right. I wasn’t thinking of all the stuff inside the box; it’ all pretty neat, and worth the price.

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$59 is also just the start bidding price. I was about to say it would have been cool if it included mini disks and stuff… and then I saw the other photos! :open_mouth:
Still hefty price… and a bummer they used the wrong box for MM.
I’d but them at $10 max. Perhaps $20 if I knew Ron et al would benefit from it.
As it is now, it is basically a textbook copyright infringement… (although the one who produced it obviously spend a lot of time and invested- and way more than someone who just keeps a game shrinkwrapped for 25 years and sells it for a ten-fold). You know, just legally speaking.


This is My Collection™ (Spanish Editions, except MI2)


Here’s mine


Here’s my much lamer collection:

I do have one or two physical things somewhere, but not what you’d call a collection. :blush:


My full collection (including non Lucasarts games).


Those miniatures were not a huge success. Only the Monkey Island ones got sold, for the initial bidding price. MM and some others remained unsold.
Again, I think they’re overpriced.


Here is my collection:

I have since added amiga “LOOM”, but I haven’t taken an updated photo, I made the background black and white too to make those colours really POP!

I decided to go for the cheaper and lesser Maniac Mansion, as the prices are way too high for us mere humans!


So colourful! :heart_eyes:

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Well, it only took me just over 4 months…
But I’ve FINALLY got an original Monkey Island 1 (and 2), without paying silly money.

I’m SO happy right now! :relaxed:


Beware of anyone claiming to sell brand new and unopened, more often they have been re-sealed. This one to me looks like it was re-sealed.


I remember I saw on the development blog a nice URL where you could see all the boxes of the known edition of any game… can somebody help me to find that URL? Does anybody remember it? Maybe @Nor_Treblig?


I don’t remember such URL.

But I’ve found early (non-official) concepts for TWP boxes instead :smiley:


I’m not sure exactly which URL you are referring to @Ema, but here’s a couple that I’m aware of:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Well, there is this:

And also I posted a link to once -can’t find back the post though-


Oh, there is even Stupid Invaders!
It used some horribly inefficient compression (if any). I thought it needed even more than 4 CDs!


Okay, time to find out if this supposedly “new in box” Curse of Monkey Island I bought YEARS ago is actually new or if it has been re-sealed:

It was cheap, although imported from the UK, but still I didn’t spend stupid money on it. Although you can’t really tell from the photo the box is partially caved in - both on the top and bottom and there are marks too. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t new, it just means the box isn’t in “mint condition”. So let’s see what’s inside! I pulled off the shrinkwrap which was clinging to the box quite a bit (but not so sticky that it ripped anything off), and then my god the two haves of the box were so tight and didn’t want to separate at all! But I go the damn thing open and:

Success! I do indeed have a new copy. Well, now an opened copy with the internals in mint condition. Both the discs were completely unmarked as is the jewel case. There’s also the registration card. Oh and of course this:

It’s the one in the middle. Completely mint, unused. What surprised me is the duller colours it was printed in compared to the manual I already had. It was sitting under the registration card. You can see it looks “faded”. These are all three manuals that I have for CMI together for the first time (yes the “Bounty Pack” manual is just the CMI manual with a different cover). It is a pity that the box has a bit of damage, but that’s just how it came when new, it’s much more impressive that this actually was a genuinely new box. :smiley:

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Wow, there’s a German (i.e. localized) version of Ultima 7. Never knew such a thing even existed! (assuming they did not just translate the box cover)

Though, tbh, playing games (and reading Terry Pratchett) in English definitely helped with my language skills (and marks too, once the pesky grammar and vocabulary quizzes stopped and we were allowed to write essays instead)

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