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Okay, false alarm. A little digging leads to information that it is “fake”. (Warning, Facebook, follow link at your own risk). It is, however, original art by Denis Loubet, the guy that did a lot of the actual Ultima box art, and it was meant to be the Ultima 7 box cover, before it was changed to the, IMHO, classy and timeless black one.

Somebody must then have translated the subtitle, for whatever reason.


Can somebody please tell me the diameter of the codewheel of MI2 in the first boxed editions? I know that in later editions, the codewheel came in a tiny size.
I also noticed that some codewheels have red boxes on the numbers. Are they later editions?
Thank you everybody.


It did help. Both interesting URLs, being the first the very one I was referring to. Thanks!


Stumbled upon this thread by accident and thought, I could clarify:

Yex, there is an official, fully translated German version of U7 and the subtitle is indeed “Die schwarze Pforte”; it’s this box here:

The other one in my collection is a box that I’ve made up using the alternative artwork by Denis - with whom I have of course shared my fake box in order to get his OK, he really liked it :sunglasses: - for the front and elements of the original German box for the rest. That’s this one here:

Anyway, happy collecting everybody :slight_smile:


*mind blown* :exploding_head: . And here I thought there isn’t anything new to learn about Ultima 7!

In related news, the game has finally been covered by the Digital Antiquarian; an event I have been looking forward to for a long time.