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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!


I just checked all versions… none of them are animated actually. I was convinced that the C64 version had the bed sheet rising and falling with Zak breathing, but that must have been my imagination filling in missing details using that great snoring sound effect.


FM Towns


just for fun…


Yeah I love the original order because the scene with Zak at his bosses office is kind of like a cold open (which unfortunatly is a mostly forgotten art even in movies nowadays) and then the intro comes and then you are dropped into the game. Monkey Island 2 did the same a few years later.

The FM Towns version seems streamlined in comparison and I also don´t really like the music in that scene(at Zak´s boss).


Wow, that’s brilliant!! :smile:
I wonder how much the hospital stay ends up costing


That’s another reason to add to my “this is why I don’t like the FM-towns version” list :confused:


Yes, and that’s a shame, it’s the most important part of the game!


Ahahah!! A brave Zak!! He always wanted to say that!!!


I read the Cashcard before and after in the video on purpose, so you can tell! :wink:


Now, what happens if you have LESS than that amount before doing that thing?





PHEW!! :sweat_smile:


I don’t like the music period. There’s like one, maybe two background noises that are okay…


I find Mars to be specially unobtrusive.


The greatest compliment. :rofl:


Better than Maniac Mansion on the NES (which they must have known because you can switch it off in game).


Two weeks to meet David. He must be nervous and excited by now.


Sounds like a challenge!


Not as much as I am, for sure!
Since the begin of September, I am:

  • dreaming various moments with me, my friends, David, Annie
  • talking in English by myself to improve my pronunciation
  • filling in a checklist of things to do
  • filling my baggage(s)
  • preparing the cosplay for me and my friends, in all the details
  • [classified]


Don’t worry, I’m sure they will be able to understand you just fine! It’s still a good exercise for getting used to talking about things in English though.

Any Caponians?? :smiley:


Please don´t kidnap them!

I always would have loved to do that! I had Noseglasses as kid but couldn´t get hold of large sombreros with holes in them.


Bingo! :yum: