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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!


Will a caponata be served for dinner?


I’m a strict broomatarian.


It’s a bit heavy, isn’t it?


Well if it took place in Germany you could have served some Kraken.


Uh-oh, here we gooooooooooo.


Hey, that doesn’t count as a spelling error :stuck_out_tongue:


In Venice, I think I’ll visit these locations:


Eheh, here’s the path followed by Indiana Jones and professor Schneider, as seen in this clip:

We can follow that path, using Google Maps, I’ve created a custom map:


And that was all that was filmed there, because the boatchase with the harbour (and the cranes in the backround) was filmed somewhere in southern england.


As well as the the exterior shots of Henry Sr.'s apartment.


Been there, done that. Back in april. :wink:
Here’s me in front of San Barnaba’s church.


The “Leonardo Da Vinci” sign is on the door again??


Close doors.

Pick up Da Vinci sign.



Sneak preview of the collectibles at the Cervignano Film Festival.
I can’t wait!
I can’t stay in my skin any further! :crazy_face:


I wonder what can be found on these floppy disks… :thinking: :thought_balloon:

Copies of Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders?
A text document of unused locations and puzzles?
The Secret Of never mind, wrong game?


There’s only a way to discover it! :smirk:


The fourth from the left is my favourite.
But I want them all!


Only one way / a single way to discover it? :smiley:


Oh, thank you.


Jesus wept! link NSFS*

*Not Safe For @Someone