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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!


Gadgets a go go!!

They are made of cartoon :grin:


How can you have this stuff now?:blush:


Zak’s sentence is the translation of an italian common saying which means “I physically can’t wait!”.
I don’t know what do you mean or what your link means, but…

…but this is funny anyway! :smile:


Preparing baggage…
Hype is high!! :star_struck:


Actually the original Zak version would fit on one of these disks - if they were real. :wink: MI1 needed two of these disks AFAIR.


Cervignano set-up in progress…


The pictures (on the wall) have nice frames. :slight_smile: How have you made them? Screenshot of a real C64 demo? :slight_smile:


I don’t know, I didn’t anything of those things. I just grabbed the pictures from the Cervignano Facebook page.
It looks like the C64 border while loading from the cassette !


Ah, Sorry, I had the impression that you are helping them. :slight_smile:

Indeed! That’s why I’m asking. :slight_smile:


I just realized David has designed Labyrinth the Computer Game. Now I wish I had at some point acquired it…


Which other project can boast that it combines the talents of:

David Bowie
Jim Henson
Terry Jones
Douglas Adams
and David Fox




Only 4 more days to:

The Event’s chief has stated that people are coming here even from Finland (@Festarossa) and Australia. Who could he/she be?


Here’s an article on the local newspaper, about the Event:

The videogame becomes art with the “guru” David Fox

(english translation below)

All crazy for David Fox. The regional capital of Lower Friuli is preparing to welcome a real guru in the videogames and computer industry and fans from all over the world are getting ready to reach Friuli. Fox will be a guest of the “Cervignano Film Festival - The cinema of the border and the limit”, the event that will start Tuesday at the Pasolini theater (at 8.30pm) and born from an idea of ​​the San Michele Youth and Culture Center.

David Fox, who will arrive in Cervignano next Friday, directly from San Francisco, is the author of some of the most famous graphic adventures produced and distributed by Lucasfilm. Will propose a speech focused on his creations related to the world of cinema (“Labyrinth”, “Indiana Jones and the last crusade”), revealing secrets and background of the realization and drawing a focus on the relationship established with film directors.

Saturday, September 22, at 20 at the Pasolini, the king of videogames will be the guest of the evening dedicated to the thirty years since the release of the epic videogame Zak McKracken, during which will be projected the fan movie (preview) by Daniele Spadoni and a documentary by Matteo Bini. Fox, remembers Marco Comar, artistic director together with Vanni Veronesi, was a game designer and pioneer in videogames at the Skywalker Ranch of George Lucas.

The aim of the Cervignano Film Festival, scheduled from 18 to 23 September, is to develop a reflection on the interactive film in virtual reality and on the video game, intended as a new form of cultural product. Four sections in competition: international documentaries and short films, Vr cinema, short films from Italian schools and a window on the Fvg cinema.

This year a special prize was established, entitled “Short without borders”, reserved for the best work on the theme of immigration. The section dedicated to the Vr cinema is new, for which a room will be set up in Galleria Bertoni that will offer the possibility to access interactive contents.

The inauguration, as mentioned, is scheduled for Tuesday at 8.30 pm at the Pasolini. The documentary “From the ruins of the Great War, the new churches on the Long Piave”, presented by the Superintendency for historical, artistic and ethno-anthropological heritage for the provinces of Venice, Belluno, Padua and Treviso, in collaboration with the University of Udine, will be presented and Kinoatelje. Wednesday and Friday mornings for schools. On Friday, however, the Casa della Musica will host a day of study focused on the relationship between cinema and videogames. Sunday, at 21, award ceremony of all categories. On this occasion, the poet Pierluigi Cappello will be honored, a year after his death, with readings by Marianna Fernetich and an exhibition by the guitarist Francesco Buzzurro. The festival will also host the exhibition "Zak is back! Multiple versions in pixel art ", curated by the Retroacademy association. There will be a vintage games room with dozens of vintage arcades, collected by “The Coinop project” group, and a Fifa 18 and DragonBall FighterZ tournament. FrogByte, a LanParty specialized association, will draw an overview on videogames tied to the cinema.


Well, they’re certainly not setting the expectations too high, @David



Ahah, I knew I had to make those words in bold to tickle your fantasy! :grin::grin::grin:


An italian article not even once mentioning the word “godfather”! Boo. :-1:


Ehm, why? It has a negative connotation…


The Godfather of xy is used in a variety of ways. Besides it´s just a normal church thing still.


Oh, yes, it is almost offending.
Here the main titles of world press about the Cervignano event, how they should be in order not to create disappointment:

:it: Il padrino dei videogiochi
:uk: The Lord of videogames
:fr: Le Roi Soleil des jeux vidéo
:de: Der Kaiser der videospiele
:ru: Tzar videoigr
:es: El matador de los videojuegos
:us: The John Wayne of videogames


:joy: I love that. It´s funny how different the “titles” are in each language. There is political rulers, religious entities, sports persons and actors.