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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!


…and mafia tough guys.


Which isn´t even technically correct. A godfather is the person present to the baptising ceremony. To catholics that´s a good thing.


Correct. It’s Hollywood’s fault if that word had a negative acceptation during time. :no_mouth:


Back in topic: our Guru-King with Annie are entering Europe right now! :couple::eu:


September 19th, 2018 - 08:29
They entered Italy! :it:


Wanna see a picture of me with them?


Well, it seems like they’ve been rerouted to Milan.


Yes, the plane has been diverted to Malpensa, due to fog (well… haze) in Venice. They will take off after a re-fuel.

Update: Landed in Venice! Finally!


We’ll be in Cervignano tomorrow, after lunchtime. Are there any “meetups” that I may have missed? :smiley:


No meetups. They arrived today, then they will sleep until Friday, I suppose! :rofl:


Ok, pals.
Tomorrow there will be our Closed Encounter Of The Third Kind.
I’ll post pictures here.


Will the video need some editing before you upload it or can we expect that soon, too?


Just the time to upload it on my YouTube account, and to share the link here.
I want to upload it as soon as David’s talk is finished.


Great! :+1:


Stay tuned: there probably be a live streaming. I’ll tell you for sure on Friday, can’t confirm at the moment.





Do you wear the “I am incognito” t-shirt to be recognised?


Let him sign everything you have! :smiley:


At last! The dream has become a reality!!! :raised_hands: :tada::balloon::stars: