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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!


“How… how do you? … What the?? I just hope there aren’t any mazes in this game.”


The ultimate Retro experience: an old game running on an old computer, played by an old guy. :wink:

Kudos for playing with a joystick!
And seriously: this must be the first picture of David playing his own game!


Just as he thought he’d finally seen the last of those computer monitor enemies, they all respawned!


Zak’s night, Saturday, 22nd September, 2018


Um… That position and the direction of the eyes would suggest that he is playing Italian version of Zak McKracken on Amiga 600 with a joystick?


Ahahah that’s right!
I don’t have a picture of it, maybe you have, so that other users can understand the joke?
Or, just describe your experience, please!


I played it with the Amiga mouse (you see it in the picture; but instead of the roller ball it’s enhanced to laser age), but the experience was that, when you have played Zak McKracken through some 20 odd times, it really doesn’t matter whether you understand the language or not. I think I played 20% of the Italian version in half an hour. The hardest part was to remember the items.


I’d love to read @David’s impressions.
About the Festival, the vibe, the fan movie, the people. About his journey, about our country. What does a journey like this add to your experience and consciousness, if it added anything? Did you learn something new about your work of 30 years ago that you didn’t know? Did this experience teach you something about people and about the love they have for your work? How was your experience, compared with your expectations?



Venice is a-maze-ing! Isn’t it? :smile:


I just watched the whole FB video (ok, ok- I fast forwarded the non-subtitled Italian thing until they called all the actors of the fanmade movie on stage)…
For the tl;dr : there is an awesome picture of David around 1970 with an afro and a biker-ish moustache/beard at 1:02 , David reading Zak at 1:28; Matthew Kane joining in at 2:02; girlfriends’ appearances in Zak at 2:21; Matthew’s dog relaxing at 2:36 and just before the image fittingly fades to black you can see that Zak David and Annie did fall in love and their lives together has been better than their wildest dreams. :slight_smile:

I wish there would have been a few more questions directed to Matthew. His story about him playing Zak with his daughter 10 years ago was really sweet.

Talking about questions, did you get to ask the ones you collected on the forum here, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken?
Also… is there a video of David’s talk on the first night?


Yes :slight_smile: will be uploaded soon, but I have to edit it first.



Starting from 1:33:57 there are the stories by TWP forum users.


So much love. I was on Facebook yesterday night and a fan friend sent me pictures of David reading my roast chicken story, so I see what you mean. That was a pretty exhilarating feeling. :slight_smile:


I really liked that story :slightly_smiling_face:


Imagine how did I feel when, suddenly, on the screen appears this picture, and part of the audience start to applaude:

I was sit next to Annie Fox, I was moved, really. It was a surprise!


And I’m now hungry for roast chicken… enough pizza already!


Actually was playing the C64 version with a joystick… couldn’t remember how to skip out of cut scenes!


We NEVER skipped cut scenes on the C64! On the contrary, we would replay just to see that wonderful cutscene again!


Are you (still) able to solve Zak without any help? :slight_smile:


Did anyone EVER cosplay as C64 Zak wearing a green sweater? Somebody should do that!