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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!


It was live on Facebook only. I had the link just after the video finished.


After the 90 minutes mark there are Zak stories by @ZakPhoenixMcKracken and @yrface.


“You want to kill Indy? Sure, do it! I don´t mind!”



Thing I learned:

@David used to be a grafik

Well, at least it was among his studies. :slight_smile:


That was great, I loved the whole thing but most of all the part with Matthew Kane. What a sweet guy.
Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Yes, I was in the audience, sit next to Annie during David’s speech, and when I suddenly had seen my name and my story on the screen, I was moved, also because a group of people, mostly this forum users, started to applaud.
I could not hold back the tears from emotion.
Annie looked at me and warmly smiled to me. :slight_smile:


Ok guys, I’ve 11 of these fancy super cardboard old fashioned floppies.
All of them are signed by David Fox.
I don’t remember who asked me for those, before my mission to Cervignano, so i ask here again:
Who wants one of them?
Contact me, I’ll send it to you via ordinary mail.

Cardboard "Zak" Floppies signed by David Fox

Wish you could have been here too!


Never on stilts, and never had to deal with an angry clown. But I did do a few performances while at college.


Matthew is awesome. Just as sweet in person as he was in the video.


BTw you guys, I actually took the effort to look up a picture of Spielberg around the time he might have said that (this is from november 1988 the premiere of Land Before Time). :nerd_face:


Thank you to everyone who was there and made the thing to happen. @David and Annie, it was a pleasure and a privilege to travel with you, and thank you for the great presentations! Thank you Marco for arranging everything.
@ZakPhoenixMcKracken and the gang, my special thanks to you for pleasent company and for all the help. My trip to Italy would have been much more plain without you three. I had a really good time with you and will miss your company. And thank you for not stealing my Zak box :wink:
@matteobin007, as I said on Saturday, the intro was really good, great job. Thank you also for the company of you and your girlfriend.
@LostTrainDude and your brother (I’m not sure if he’s here), Monica, Nicola, Daniele, everyone who’s name I forgot ; thank you for interesting discussions (especially Daniele :wink:) and, as I said before, one of the absolute best things in Cervignano was to meet other same minded fans of P&C adventures.
Grazie mille a tutti! We should do this more often…

About 3200 km done, 3000 km to go.


Likewise, Arto! I’m glad we shared some time, all together, and that we could chat about different topics. Now I kind of want to look further into that Air Guitar Festival!

It was great to meet you and the others: it was the cherry on the top of a very special weekend for quite a number of reasons and it is something that will echo and linger in my memory for quite some time :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I’m on my way home.
Meanwhile, wanna watch the Daniele Spadoni’s movie again, on YouTube?
Now you can, FULL version:


No wonder @David liked Venice. This place is a maze!


Yes, we talked about that on Thursday, while we were reaching Rialto bridge.
Not to say that, on Thursday evening, me and the other 2 guys were late for dinner because we got lost and Google maps was not reliable :grin:
Luckily, Serena could find the correct path by using her sixth sense☺


Fan-tastic, thanks for sharing!

Two headed squirrel alert at 8:48


I was talking to Annie about that. If anyone at the festival complained about Zak’s mazes, I would have said they had no standing to do so, given Venice!!


Give this picture a title:


Insufficient funds? What the beep?