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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!


I only played for 5 minutes, and remembered everything I needed to. Unfortunately, whomever played before left Zak in Seatle with peanuts but no cigarette lighter… I stopped playing at that point because I had to do a tech check in the main theater.


You’re lucky whomever played before didn’t leave Zak in the middle of the Mayan maze without cigarette lighter! :smiling_imp:


Poor @David. :slight_smile: We see the mazes nowadays as a running gag, but they aren’t that annoying. :slight_smile:


Agreed. They are really more of a first world problem. Like how to leave a party without feeling impolite.


Guessing you haven’t visited Venice… but Google maps really helped.


My most vivid memory from our visit to venice (which lies back longer than the visit of Spielberg, Ford etc!) are these two guys:

I dubbed them the “Hammer Men”(I was 2 years old).


I was in Venice - and yes, we got lost too. :wink: (And Google Map wasn’t invented back then…)


Is the situation with the cruise ships really as bad as it always looks like on TV?


Not when I was there - but that was a long time ago. So others have to answer that question. :slight_smile:


That wasn´t the case when we were there either, obviously.

Looks frightening.


Shame on all the passengers down there!


Eheh true! Sometimes, Venice won over Google, though! :joy:


Wouldn’t it be cool if a Zak fan working at Google (not an unlikely combination) would sneak in map and route descriptions for those mazes in Zak?
From: shaman’s village
To: Kinshasa International airport
On foot: 2 minutes (or 45)

  1. Walk 200 m straight ahead
  2. Exit the village on the right
  3. Take the first exit on your left/right/ahead/whatever - as long as you DO NOT BACKTRACK
  4. Repeat step 3. untill you reach the airport.


It would be amazing !
Maybe there’s already… did you try?


It seems to be a thing of all ages…


Only found a “Zak street” so far :slight_smile:


Besides, on that train, my friend was trying to finish Thimbleweed Park on his mobile, casual mode, with David present :slightly_smiling_face:
He was trying to figure out, in part 8, how to stop the fan.


All four of you look fantastic!!! :grin:
It sounds like you had an amazing time. Thanks for posting the video links, I’ll give them a watch later!


Why is the Caponian strangling the Alien Broom?


The hostel on Mars is owned by The Caponian Planetwide Company. It escaped the hostel without paying.