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German dubbing thread


This is the main point we discussed, too. But sometimes you’ll find that a little variation is as I said simply NEEDED. Period. It’s the case of translation errors or script errors. They are rare, but, still, present (at least in the italian translation). Sometimes you’ll find that what works on text doesn’t work on voice and vice versa. You will discover that even in the original english voiceover there are a few discrepancies with the script.
When you notice all these things, while working on the project, you gradually become more and more tolerant to little discrepancies.
Not to mention the gag of the tea, in which the playable characters speak different languages. We discussed it with Ron in a private section of the forum, and we agreed it was better to transform the lines originally in italian into another language, even if the subtitles weren’t inconsistent.
And I also think that the majority of people who will play the game with your german fandub will turn off the subtitles. There’s no point in having subtitles for the very same language you’re listening to.

Oh, yes, the final localization is up to you. This implies a certain degree of artistic freedom.


Can you give an example? I haven’t played only a part of the German translation and beside spelling errors I haven’t found translation or script errors.

And how have they solved that in the English version?

I like to have subtitles and voices. And if I do this, several other players will do that too. :slight_smile:


There was a recorded line that was totally different from the text, or a case in which the english text was “it’s closed” while the italian was “è aperto” (it’s open), and another few things like these.

Errrr. I don’t have an answer at hand, right now.

I wouldn’t count on it! I like a lot of things that people dislike, and I have a lot of weird habits that people don’t have. :sweat_smile:


I also like subtitles in the same language as the spoken word. When I can read what I’m listening to, I can understand easier.


If people speaking in real life could have subtitles, too, this would be a better world.


Politely nodding usually does the trick, though. Especially with drunks.


Like oriental people do?

Nodding+light chuckles can be translated in “I don’t understand anything of what you’re saying”

Or with significant others.


Yeah, but the drunks don´t know that.

Or both.


When I was at university and the lesson was boring, I had a favourite diversion… I studied people’s nodding.
The first three rows are for the lap dogs. They stare at the teacher with a dreaming expression, wile convulsively nodding at high frequency. The nodding frequency decades hyperbolically going back with rows. The last rows are full of people sleeping on the desk.



That’s hypnotic. I mean, staring at that gif looping…


Isn´t that great about gifs? You can watch that all over again while in the movie it´s a (wait for it) “blink and you miss it” moment. :smile:


While we lovably chit-chat here, is people gunning in the other thread?


Yeah, about bloody clocks no less! :upside_down_face:



Yeah, we are discussing the important topics! :wink:


Comming of watching videos of reporters getting kicked in Chemnitz this feels like a lighthearted thing to me. :relieved:


Your gif disappeared.


Then Discourse has a problem with it.


Anti-seizures safety system?