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German dubbing thread


That filthy Belloq must have taken her away!



Would have been courteous to tell me.


I would simply assume that Discourse can’t/couldn’t download the GIF. :wink:

(Try to download it yourself and then upload it again here in your post.)


I think they get saved as videos in a format that discourse doesn´t convert. I had this problem before.

No wait, i can´t save it as a video at all but only as a graphic and then I get a single frame of the gif as a jpeg, so that doesn´t work.

I´ll look for an alternate source.

Done (I hope).


An animated GIF is a picture. Some graphic programs are just showing the first frame of that animation. So don’t worry. Just upload the file to Discourse.


Can you provide the link?


I know but when I save it as a jpeg it isn´t a gif anymore but only a single frame from what used to be the gif. I tried this before.


Can you post the link to the gif (the original source)?


" "


Ok. Here is the reason why it disappeared:

“Sorry, the image you are trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 4096KB), please resize it and try again.”

I’ll try to resize it …


Question is why it just got silently removed without the usual discourse process of replacing it with a direct link?



My assumption (I’m too lazy to have a look in the source code): Discourse downloads every picture to his own server. In this case the picture was too big. So Discourse stopped the download. And because the picture isn’t on the Discourse server it disappeared in your post.


Yeah but usually the replace it with a direct link instead of…you know…nothing at all.


When I upload an image, I always wonder if @RonGilbert has to pay for additional space on Discourse servers :ray:

The one who started the thread said. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:


That would be cruel.

Waaahhh Agent Ray is huge!


AFAIK that happens only if Discourse can’t access the link or doesn’t recognize the link as a picture.


Nope, they always cite the reason as the image exceeding the size limit and put a link to the gif next to it.

If they don´t recognize it as a picture nothing happens. A bit like in the above case.


Ah, Ok. I haven’t the time to dig into the source code. But I’ll keep an eye on it. :slight_smile:


It´s alright now anyway, I found a replacement and this has been a whole lot of hoo-haa for a little offhand joke.


Back to the essence: I’d like to speak Willie T. Wino. He’s the coolest of them all. He even took the Lindbergh baby.:blush:


Only if you do method acting! :dizzy_face: :wine_glass: