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German dubbing thread


Yes, quite sadistic… like throwing a bone into a cage full of hungry dogs! :smile:


I don’t think it would help if I got drunk talking. But the role and voice suits me, I will be able to speak it with credibility and joy. And I like Willie T. Wino.

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Don’t they get it for free from a fan over at Discourse in a sufficiently high up position?


I don’t know. I remember I read that @eviltrout offered great support for setting up this forum completely free, but I guess space is Ron’s, or rented.


Yes, I am a huge fan of TWP (and Ron’s) so I’m providing these forums for free. I really doubt space will be a problem with a forum this size so upload whatever you like!



Great, thanks! :clap:


besides i’m still interessted to voice Reyes
how about a Discord server for this project? :smiley:


Since I would guess that @someone is the inofficial chef of this project, I guess that is up to him?


I haven’t enough spare time to push that project forward at the moment. If someone would like to take over (@Diino?), please feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys.
A mutual friend told me that you are looking for some german voices for characters?
I would like to record a character.
I also have some studio equipment and I speak Hochdeutsch and some Plattdeutsch. If you want to know more feel free to send me a message :slight_smile:

I would be very glad about an answer.


Is the project still alive?


There never was a seriouis project at any point.


Scrolling through all this thread, it’s easy to understand that you have all you need to seriously start this project. I mean: @Diino and his girlfriend, that own a decent recording equipment. Then @Winston_Smith and @xC00K1E, that also have a similar equip and apply for a major role. Then @milanfahrnholz who proved to be hilariously effective in his performance, getting to know yet some of the secrets of this kind of dubbing. Then the forum regulars @Someone and @Mario, together with many other German fans here and outside. And also, as @Ema said in detail before here, the support of the italian dubbing team, as for hints and suggestions, not to mention the placet of Ron Gilbert in person! Furthermore @Guga and @Frenzie that have been willing to give their peculiar german accent to Boris or other characters.
And the new features of Rhubarb LipSync by the german friend @DanielWolf. His software now fits well other languages than English, including German, obviously! Check here: Thimbleweed Park Italian fan dub Project - Official Thread(TM)

From what I see, there’s way more to start than what we italians had, back then when we started. Considering also that LucasArts adventure games have a huge fan base in Germany, which will turn into a great help for you in order to find good fan actors.

A hint? Just create a Telegram chat group, with a public link to post here and somewhere else you think it’s useful. People can join from every kind of device and OS without being worried of revealing their personal number for spamming. Start chatting. In the worst case, you may find new friends! :sunglasses:

  1. I think germans don´t want to start anything they don´t have a guarantee they can finish. :grin:
  2. People like @someone won´t work on a project like this without pay.

I´d be ready anytime. But this is still highly unorganized and I don´t see this changing any time soon.


You mean, after the WWII experience? :smiling_imp:

If you like to be sure of your future, don’t start at all. You have 100% odds you won’t finish it. It makes sense. Or does it?

Come on! Just start it! And do everything you can to finish. If you don’t finish, you’ll have fun anyway.

BTW: I’m seriously disappointed we had to change our ETA in our italian project. Ok, this is a coming out: I must admit we have an issue with Delores. We must find a new acress, and this is a real pain in the beep at this phase of the project. But we’re still struggling, we don’t give up, even if I’ll risk to be sued for stalking all the amateur actresses of my country…


I knew I was inviting that. :crazy_face:

You´re barking up the wrong tree, my man.

That is not how casting works…well I guess it did until Weinstein lost his job.


I agree with what @Ema said way back: What this project needs is a small team of committed people pushing it forward. As @Gffp said, everything else seems to be in place.

And while I (regrettably) don’t have time to be part of that core team, I do have recording equipment and would be willing to dub a small part.


And that is the crucial factor for most of us.

And some of us don´t have that and can´t afford it either as of now.


No, mate, it’s the other way round: it’s ME begging them to accept the part. I’d do anything if they accept.