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German dubbing thread


Yes, quite sadistic… like throwing a bone into a cage full of hungry dogs! :smile:


I don’t think it would help if I got drunk talking. But the role and voice suits me, I will be able to speak it with credibility and joy. And I like Willie T. Wino.


Don’t they get it for free from a fan over at Discourse in a sufficiently high up position?


I don’t know. I remember I read that @eviltrout offered great support for setting up this forum completely free, but I guess space is Ron’s, or rented.


Yes, I am a huge fan of TWP (and Ron’s) so I’m providing these forums for free. I really doubt space will be a problem with a forum this size so upload whatever you like!



Great, thanks! :clap:


besides i’m still interessted to voice Reyes
how about a Discord server for this project? :smiley:


Since I would guess that @someone is the inofficial chef of this project, I guess that is up to him?


I haven’t enough spare time to push that project forward at the moment. If someone would like to take over (@Diino?), please feel free to do so. :slight_smile:


Hey guys.
A mutual friend told me that you are looking for some german voices for characters?
I would like to record a character.
I also have some studio equipment and I speak Hochdeutsch and some Plattdeutsch. If you want to know more feel free to send me a message :slight_smile:

I would be very glad about an answer.