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How is the weather (right now)


It’s been 30 to 33 °C and a constant sunshine here in Finland for the past two weeks. I have thought of traveling to a less hot country like Italy or Spain…


/me books flight to London burbs

The 25+ degree weather can stuff it. :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m appreciating the cooler weather here now. London back to how it should be, and Kate doesn’t have to keep prepping her legs.


Still feeling groggy… :dizzy_face:


Huh? Sounds like thunder at my place…? That’s unexpected. :thinking:

(I wonder how’s the weather in @tasse-tee’s Nice and at @ZakPhoenixMcKracken’s Italian coast …?)


Shouldn´t she be on her way back now?


Oh, yes - I thought she would stay a whole week …


Stalkers… :male_detective:


I don´t even wanna know why @Sushi has been so quite the last few days…


Sharks. With Lasers, you know.


Ahh, the weather in Nice. It was lovely! 28 degrees Celsius every day. Not a cloud in the sky, most of the time. Usually I’m quite busy during my holidays, but with the consistently hot and sunny weather, this time I took it easy - more on that in the relevant thread later :wink:

But at times the heat was a bit too much for me. Especially in the evenings when I was back at the hotel. There was an electric fan in the room, but the air it blew around was only slightly cooler than the room temperature.


So it was Nice?


The 1000th person to make that joke gets a free Thimbleberry Pie.


I bet someone will make it. And I mean @Someone.
(I know you love this one).


How manyeth (I know it’s not a word) was I?

Right now in here, the rain came, finally. And the heat is still there. So now Finland is officially a rain forest.


Everyone loves that. Just like AIDS…do people still love AIDS? I´m a bit behind the times…

I dunno but I like that word. Sounds so old-timey. Makes me wanna drink mead. Somebody giveth mead to me so I may moisten my throat!


Maybe not everyone, but surely Someone.



That made me think of my own laugh… so I’m curious to know how that would sound with your own voice :wink:


Do you mean you don’t laugh saying ha-ha-ha, but you say gigglegiggle? :flushed:


So you´re also thinking of that all the time once in a while?