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How is the weather (right now)


BTW, how many languages call it “Nice” and which ones call it “Nizza”? In Finnish it’s Nizza, which is a bit odd, as we don’t have many words with the letter Z in them, and they are pretty much all loan words.
(this will be moved to the language thread quite soon…)


Nizza in german…

A lesson to be learned, folks.

Posts that start with:

usually end in:


Nizza is from Italian, since it was historically part of the region of Nizza with Savoy in the Kingdom of Sardinia of the House of Savoy. Also Monaco was, many people have still italian surnames, and there are a lot of italian toponyms (Grimaldi, Monte Carlo…). But you know, French people do nothing for nothing… Kingdom of France helped Camillo Benso, prime minister of Kingdom of Savoy, to unify Italy, and requested the two regions.


You were faster than me. Well done.


Well, not all words are onomatopoeic, right? :smiley:

Not my fault you all drew my attention to it :blush:


Ditto. And thanks to you I´m now under the delusion that I´m Mr Sexy Voice who can make people do anything if I just use the right inflection.


Oops, did I do that? :smile:


Ohh, yes…and I still need to try it out… :smiling_imp:


Just realised that it’s 32 degrees today. I think I might need five more showers before bed.


You could get that just by stepping outside of the house at the moment where I am, because it´s :cloud_with_rain:ing :cat2:s and :dog2:s again here right now.


Please have your drone transport some rain.


It actually has a water fountain button, but that is right next to the flamethrower button and those are for unknown reasons hilariously easy to mix up…*

*Please hire me Rick & Morty writers, not that you would need me, but eh…


Wow, a Londoner asking for more rain?! I think we may have crossed climates. It’s been a pretty nice summer here so far but it looks like we’re in for a lot of rain.



When I was in London we had all kinds of weather, but I clearly remember frying in the sun when we were standing in line in front of Madame Tussaud´s. :sweat:


SUN goddamnit!!!


I know! Basically we’re just never happy :wink: (but we’re very reserved about that)

Please fling some of that rain this-ward.


Sorry, all out of rain here.



I would like that but I’m not a LOTR fan.

Uh oh.


Uh oh indeed!


80 degrees!?!!?!
It sounds like the climate has exploded there and everyone is litterally melting!

Yeah, I know it’s degrees Fahrenheit. I was just trying to divert thr attention from @PiecesOfKate admitting to not liking LOTR there. :slight_smile: