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How is the weather (right now)


No, I didn’t actually. The camera quality isn’t that good, but I’m not sure if you’d be able to see them in real life either, when you’re going so fast.


Is that the sound of jumping into the water bottom first?

Doing that I´d worry what else I could find there! :scream:

Is there a 1st person 360 version of any of those? I might try it with the VR headset.



Coincidentally, it’s also the sound Chris Carter made for the alien stiletto. Though I believe he made it through his mouth.


VR: experience all of life, from your living room! :stuck_out_tongue:


As it should be! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t know which kind of videos do you need. Are the 360 degree videos enough or do you need the 3D videos with two pictures side by side?

I haven’t found a 360 degree version of those slides (as seen in the video above). But you’ll find a lot of 360 degree videos on Youtube. Search for “vr water slide 360”.

For example:

(To all others who don’t have a VR headset: You can watch these videos and turn the camera position with your mouse at any time - just “drag and drop” the video.)


All 360 work. Two pictures side by side would be counterproductive I think.

When I put the VR on and turn on youtube, I can use the VR version of youtube that makes it possible to watch everything with the VR Headset. Any 360 enables you to use the 360 feature by just turning your head (as oppsed to using the mouse on the PC or your finger on the phone).


I think it’s approximately 3500 degrees.


It´s rainbow weather at the moment. Sunny without clouds but raining nonetheless.


Why you beeping Bavarians get all the beeping rain in this beeping summer? That’s beeeeping beep! :ransome:


You get a lot more storms on the coast than we do. But yeah we had heavy rainfalls the last few days.


Can I ask you guys about a good VR headset for smartphones? A dear friend made me watch some virtual reconstructions he made, but as usual I hated the experience with the VR headset since my eyes and lately my head hurts in a few minutes. I have 20/20 sight.


No. We hadn’t any wind since three or four weeks. You should have much more wind and storms because of the Alps.


I haven’t any experiences with VR headsets yet. But have you tried the Cardboard method for Smartphones? You can chose the lenses depending on your ametropia.


The first wind we had in weeks was past wednesday. The alps are still quite a bit away. We have like the weirdest micro climate.


Thanks, that’s a good tip. Understanding (simple) optical principles behind the technology could allow to choose more carefully. What I didn’t like the most was that my eyes were too close to the image shown. If I could find a way to have a non-bothersome experience I could even like it…


Yes, that’s what I don’t like too. But with cardboard you could try to construct a more suitable version. :wink: And I assume that you wear it only for a few minutes - or do you have to wear it several hours?


The videos he makes are not longer than four minutes.


I have a cardboard VR thing; I got it for free. I used it to watch the Ducktales 360° video and to play some Tomb Raider VR with one of the apps that allow you to use your phone for Steam VR.

Maybe/hopefully it’s different with one of those dedicated €500+ devices, but it mostly felt very gimmicky to me. Sure, it’s kind of cool to be able to look around 360° and you do perhaps feel a little bit more immersed… but eh, I’d much rather get an 8k monitor or something.


The differences can be huge even on the same system. The enviorment just can feel a lot more different also depends a great deal if motion controllers are used in a creative way or not. Once you really feel like you interact with the game yourself it changes the gameplay feel completly.