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How is the weather (right now)


Hmm, so I should combine a Wii emulator + Wiimotes with some kind of Steam VR on my cellphone hack? :smiley:

But yeah, of course I only have my Xbox One controller. I thought that’s all that came with that Occulus Rift thing regardless though?

Edit: btw, I definitely loved some of that Wii stuff. But I think any kind of headset would make that much, much worse, even without cables. Only if it were like swimming glasses maybe it might work…


I think any good system should have some sort of motion controllers now? I have PS4 VR and it works great.

I hope they manage to make them wireless one day, that would be perfect.


Apparently that was just a launch-time thing back in 2016 since they hadn’t finished the controllers then.



I know someone who after trying it out for the first time she suggested some kind of giant hamsterball to move in around. I think we´re pretty far from that to have in our living rooms, though.


No, we are close:

I don’t know if the Onmi was a success, but you could actually buy it AFAIR.


Have you made it by yourself?

You mean this one?

Here I don’t see the doubled screen, though…
Maybe there are two differents technologies, one that allows you to look around, another that rebuilds the image through two images for the two eyes.
I mean the second type, which is the only one I tried.

First type:
and the second one:


Sweat. So much sweat.


Isn’t sweat sweet?

(actually it’s salty, I know :stuck_out_tongue: )


Only sweating sweets would be sweet but not sweating sweat.


I just imagined how this conversion would seem if the word “sweat” were bleeped out of the last couple of posts.


I’ve got enough for about 50 margaritas right now.


Please! These pictures! :crazy_face:


Pro tip:
If you drink enough Margarita, your salty sweat will also be margarita flavoured, saving a lot of time.


Yeah…bring 'em on!

I mean, out of me 'ead!


That’s an excellent idea. I could become a self-satiating margarita machine.




Our extremely fluffy cat just rubbed up against me in this heat and I nearly threw him out the window through reflex :neutral_face:


We got rid of the heat. At the moment (in the middle of the night) it’s comfortable 20°C. Tomorrow’s top seems to be 23°.

EDIT: that is what my cell phone says. My thermometer says it’s 24° at the moment. Which to believe!?


The programmers of your cell phone of course! They are absolutely trustworthy. :wink: