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How is the weather (right now)


A little bit of raindrops while the sun is setting… :rainbow:


That is just a latern, but I was aware even when taking the photo that it looks more interesting than that because you can hardly see the rest with the trees in the backround. :slight_smile:


It also makes the tree look like a Caponian!


It is a bit scary like that, now that you mention it!

It is funny how a camera just can accidentally capture things that seem more unnatural than they really are does any one of you guys happen to know the “Solway Spaceman”?



I’ve definitely seen that before, but can’t remember the ‘story’ behind it.

Our minds are so used to trying to make sense out of shapes and interpret them based on things we’ve seen before, that it opens the gates for lots of ‘freaky’ pictures.

I like the creepy way they make me feel though, heheh. I’m sure there are other famous ones but all that springs to mind is that silly Three Men and a Baby ‘ghost child’ that turned out to be a cardboard cut-out.


The truth is, that it is most likely just the girls mother standing with her back to the camera, her hair looking like a face screen and her dress appearing white due to overexposure. They´ve compared pictures from the same set where you can see her more clearly.

Something like that wouldn´t happen today, but back then they probably had just forgotten that the mother walked into the frame and was standing in the backround by the time the film had devoloped.

I think I can think of a few more of these things, but that would merit it´s own thread I think. :slight_smile:


Ah yes, that sounds familiar.

Sadly, yeah. I miss the excitement of going to pick up photos and not quite knowing what you’re getting.

Could be interesting.


I actually just had the idea of just collecting at least three famous pictures (or more) and then letting people guess who aren´t familar with the common explanation, before offering it myself.

No cheating please.


So it is now:


Here there is a sun that breaks the rocks…


Need to cool down?


#2 and #4 look amazing!
As for the other three, I’d probably chicken out.


Maybe some day when I´m in bikini shape again (= never).



But you would use #2 and #4? :slight_smile:


Absolutely! :smiley:


I hope nobody is standing either on or under them then!

We had 37 degrees in the shade today. :sweat:


Did you even see a shark in #2? It goes so fast…
Or are the sharks in the bassin you end up in? :scream:


I’d rather worry about having a pair of swimming pants with a long piece of rope attached to them so you retrieve them from your butt again afterwards.