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How is the weather (right now)


But they are Norwegian. Then again, their Finnish colleagues tell me it’s 17° and raining at the moment. The land seems dry to me. But, they are programmers and close to me, so I guess need to shiver now and catch a cold.


Anyone from Spain or Portugal? How are you hanging?


Epic thunderstorrrrrrms :smiley: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Oh no, telly just lost signal!


Oh well, at least there wasn’t a power c-



Milan supplier of substitute entertainment comes running :man_cartwheeling:


Come up with your own caption!


You have still green police cars down there in Bavaria?


Most of them have changed to grey now like 10 years ago or so.


Mean Green Crime-Fighting Machines


Silver. Because they can resell such cars for a higher price after they used it for a few years. I referred to the green “stickers” around the cars. In the northern Bundesländer they are blue.


We have both blue and green. But yes the Police in bavaria keeps a look distinct from the rest of the country.


Nice off-topic. I’ve always found beautiful the old green/white polizei cars.
I have to admit that grey/green is really an ugly match. No surprise they changed it.
But I understand @Someone’s issue about reselling values.

I don’t know what happens to police cars in Italy when they are dismissed. 20 years ago you could see cars (especially small ones), with no signs but which had a color which undoubtedly revealed its police/carabinieri origins.

Anyway, we too have some green police cars in Italy!
The state police has a light blue livery which is the same throughout Italy.
But local police has different liveries from region to region. In Lombardy they’re green/white.
Then we have Carabinieri, it is a “gendarmerie” corp which is separated from the State Police.

2 years ago I was quite astonished by a green Carabinieri car that I saw on the roads.
It turned out that the Forestry Agency in Italy (Corpo Forestale dello stato) was dismantled in 2016, and its function was taken over by the Carabinieri corps, which inherited so all the vehicles, changing the liveries without repainting which would have been too expensive.

Old “Corpo Forestale” car:

After the make up:

While this is the traditional Carabinieri livery:

My I just ask how did we end up talking about this? @milanfahrnholz?


(Don’t ask me why that German police car is placed in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa …)

They changed not only the colors of the cars but also the uniforms, hats, etc. to blue.

Back then green was chosen just because it was a famous color at that time. And I agree with you: Green is/was ugly. Blue is much better and used in a lot of other countries.

That’s what the police is telling us. :slight_smile: They remove the stickers and sell them after some years of usage.


This is for you, @someone, given the late hour… :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s in every aspect a classic! :wink:


I’m blue, I’m not green I would die…


Horst Tappert?




In other news, raining!


Yes! It finally got cooler here, too.