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How is the weather (right now)



I’d like to see land again… And would like to have warmer tempatures, like, say -10°C.




If I were you, I’d spend a lot of winter time in saunas and steam rooms. I love them.


Does that mean you´re reconsidering? :wink:


Sounds like you’re adrift on an iceberg :slight_smile:.


Very very cool, there were like 10cm of fresh snow and it was still snowing heavily, we had lots of fun!


Only -19° now. This morning it was -32°. A newspaper gave a weather forecast which only said “Your face will hurt for the next three days”. While bike riding to work I was thinking the forecast was spot on.


I have no gear to deal with that.


You’re a hero to me. Did you know that? :slightly_smiling_face:

I read somewhere that the exasperation of climate is a result of global warming. Have you ever had such temperatures during winter?


Thank you! Doesn’t take much to be a hero :joy: I have biked in about -40°, but I don’t think I would bike in any colder.

That’s true, but this is a normal winter.

Last summer was more weird:

(posted Jul 21)


Well, under an ecological point of view, you are. I live in a large flat area, with way milder temperatures and weather. You may expect that a lot of people use bikes here, but that’s not. Everyone in their cars, pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. Who cares?

Impressive. I was discouraged by windy weather with temperatures around 3, 4°… :smile: I definitely have to hop on my bike again.


We’re all picturing you like this right now


At times, this is not far from truth :rofl:

I just saw weather forecast in TV. It says on sunday it’ll be +2° here…


That’s not polar weather, that’s bipolar weather!


While I totally agree with you (we have the same problem in Cagliari, relatively flat, perfect weather, still everyone drives), I’d fear for my life if I ever thought of biking on the streets of Napoli :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha :slight_smile: Well, as I said before, I’ve said Naples for clarity, because on an international forum it was easier to spot. I was born and raised in another city, some miles north. I studied in Naples, though. I got there by bike a lot of times (I used to ride by bike for several miles, I went to Caserta and Benevento by bike, too). Naples isn’t as flat, as the city where I live. And that’s primarly why people don’t use (or justify to themselves not using) bikes so much there. I don’t think there are particular dangers for bikers. In my experience, it’s more the speed and anxiety that cause road accidents, rather than a little chaos (I don’t want to defend chaos as bad organization, which I deprecate too, but the idea the streets here are more dangerous is not true to me). When I was in Milan years ago, I was scared by how people went fast at the crosses, all of a sudden. I was afraid even of walking! People here always tend to check the road well, because they may expect someone breaking road rules. What are a real pain here are scooters in the hands of teens, but they are waaaay less than in the past.


To be honest, ever since I moved to Switzerland I am afraid of driving anywhere in Italy :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you know how we feel! :japanese_ogre:


Three days have passed. How is your face today?