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Limited Run to release "definitive Collector's Editions" of Star Wars games / Lucasfilm Games


List of games from this unofficial LucasfilmGames account:

The Secret of Monkey Island™ (PC)
The Secret of Monkey Island™: Special Edition (PC)
The Curse of Monkey Island™ (PC)
Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge (PC)
Star Wars (NES, Game Boy)
SW Bounty Hunter (PS4)
SW Dark Forces (PC)
SW Episode I: Racer (PC, N64)
SW The Empire Strikes Back (NES, Game Boy)
SW Jedi Knight (PC)
SW Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast (PC)
SW Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (PC)
SW Racer Revenge (PS4)
SW Rebel Assault (PC)
SW Shadows of the Empire (PC, N64)
SW TIE Fighter (PC)
SW X-Wing (PC)


Limited Run Games mostly releases boxes for PS4 and Switch but this sounds interesting!
And are they really realising a Game Boy game?

Just came to post that :joy:

The only shame about these is they will release only a small number of them and then there will be scalpers buying up 3 or 4 and posting them on eBay for more…

Does someone know why they are doing this? If they see that there is a demand, they could produce another batch and earn more money that way…

… and call themselves Not-so-limited Run Games :wink: [read their FAQ, they never do another batch]

Hopefully there will be a pre-order and a limited number of copies per buyer/card thing

Even with a second batch, they would still be limited.

It’s just new physical version stuff without nothing new? :x

I’d say that would be stretching the definition of “elaborate Collector’s Edition” a bit. /shrug

Limited Run Games will be re-releasing LucasArts classics in elaborate Collector’s Edition packages every month

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  • The Secret of Monkey Island™ (PC)

Hopefully the EGA version… :smiley:

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This kind of stuff (non-preorder) is normally limited to two items per customer.

The International House of Mojo: Limited Run Games unveils actual cartridges for Friday’s re-release of Star Wars for NES and Game Boy


There will be another batch at 22:00 UTC. They are quite pricey ($40 for Classic Edition, $85 for Premium Edition)

So are those games any good or material for a Nerd episode?

Edit: it’s already in one:

Star Wars (NES) Premium Edition is already sold out after less than 10 minutes. Apparently there are some Star Wars fans out there!

I haven’t played them. Looking at game play videos they aren’t particularly good but also not bad. They can be frustrating. I’ve heard the NES version looks and sounds better but the Game Boy one has slightly better controls.

I wonder if this release hints at Monkey Island EGA on diskettes? Probably just a CD-ROM though.

Their will be definitely a CD/DVD with the game because it is meant to be played.

There may be floppies as bonus though but I doubt it, the Star Wars Premium Editions weren’t that impressive.
Nothing comparable to any of the Thimbleweed Park releases!

Why, did it originally come out on 5ÂĽ? :japanese_goblin:

Is a 3.5" diskette drive more niche than a classic Nintendo?

If you buy a Game Boy game or an NES game you are expected to have compatible hardware, be it original hardware or clones.

For a PC version I would expect a more compatible version. PCs always had very different configurations but if you buy current PC games as physical releases you’d expect CD/DVD/Blue-ray.

This doesn’t mean they won’t have floppies included. We will see how it will look like but judging from the previous Premium Editions there weren’t any particularly impressive physical goodies included at all aside from the cartridges (poster, coin, enamel pin…).

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