Official Thimbleweed Park Forums

People, come back!


Well, this forum is titled “Official Thimbleweed Park” forum. I fear that this forum doesn’t “invite” (new) adventure game fans at all. People will stumble over this forum if they are interested in TWP and/or need help with the game. So I don’t think that the situation would change if we focus (completely) on point-and-click adventure games. And there are no news about TWP (if there ever will be news) that could attract new users.

We are here a bunch of TWP fans chatting with each other about the weather and other important things. :wink:

/edit: That’s my opinion. :slight_smile:


You have quite a point here, but I must say there’s a lot of old threads that -together with the dev blog- are a gold mine of interesting facts and thoughts about adventure gaming.
There’s also some new stuff adventure related in the proper forum sections. We are trying to keep the chit-chat in the off-topic section, and I think that’s fine.
Any passer by can read old topics, and sometimes a new comer adds interesting insights on months-old topics.


Both of you might be right. But, let’s nonetheless hope that these forums won’t die slowly. If TT continue to create great games, they can rename it as “Official Terrible Toybox Forums” and the traffic here will increase again.


We are trying to keep this thing alive… :wink:

That’s what we are all hoping for will happen in the near future!


Yes, it’s due. :smiley:


I love to see how these old (beautiful) sites are continuing their existence:
With passionate comments once in a while.