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Ummmm, the tasse-tee what now? :neutral_face:
backs away slowly



Huh, that’s coarse.

It’s all about LOVE, here!!!


Please dear, don’t listen to that bad guy…


Ahem, ahem:

“Oh, please come to northern germany tasse-tee, we can have ourselves a lovely day at the Freizeitpark!” :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_heart: "



Ehm, pardon me. You mean with each other?!


And by the way, you totally are involved :wink:
I’ve got plenty of evi- …I mean, examples.


Pah, that maybe wishful thinking on your part, missy! :smirk:


Seems that I’m getting too old for this forum … :wink:


No, the cool kids still do it like that these days…so I hear.


You mean, I should post things like “Hey, bitch you are so cool, babe.”? But I can’t do that!


Don´t digress from your obvious intentions, man!


So what about “hey, babe, I love you, babe. And if you love me too, babe, give me a smile!”


Anyway, @tasse-tee and I were having a nice time here, before you all came to take the wind out of my sails…
Did that fish in the bowl pay you to look out for opponents?

Oh, he’s back :roll_eyes:


I said hey babe, take a walk on the wild side and the colored girls go: duh duh duh duhduhduh duh duh duh duhduh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh :saxophone:




In fact the correct answer would be: “Hey, babe, I love you too, babe. But you don’t get a smile from me.”

(This is actually from an exercise for actors where one actor must not laugh while the other actor has to make him laugh only with the sentence above.)


I would fail that exercise straight away. Both from hearing it, and saying it :rofl:
At least it doesn’t use “babe” three times :wink:


Does it involve devouring an entire celery? Because that might just work for me.


Quick, while the other two are distracted, let’s hop in this boat and sail away :sailboat:


Ok, jump in.
Take a deep breath…


Bye bye, losers! :raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_man::sailboat: :desert_island: :couple_with_heart_woman_man: