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Personal statistics


And thus @Sushi’s bowl got so hot from his steaming envy he almost got fin-burn.

That a thing? fin-burn? Whatever…


Yes, I suck at it too. :slight_smile: But there are “tricks” how to prevent you from laughing.

No props allowed. And you must not touch each others if that’s your next question. :wink:


Boooo, there go my acting aspirations right down the drain!


Seems that a marriage isn’t a very successful way of life …


I am having the worst statistics…


You can try to change that if you “like” all existing posts in this forum like @Frenzie did. But please give us a sign before you do it, so we can disable the notifications first. :wink:


What does marriage has to do with all of this, now?
As I told to Milan, it’s all about LOVE, here!


Nooooooo! (Hm, my predictive text changed that to ‘no poop!’) No more messing up Kate’s stats!


And I´m glad you got distracted before you started posting any of those examples you alluded to.

I mean, it´s ridiculous. Everyone knows my heart beats only for one person in this forum and that person is obviously:

@Nor_Treblig :heart_eyes:


Now, that’s a surprising plot twist! Good luck you two!


Do you?!?!?

You have only 12h read time. You seem to me the only sane person with a real life, here…



What is that?


You know as they say that true love starts with gifting someone games that are prohibited in germany.


Ok, gotta go now. Bye bye, all. We’ll send you a postcard from…

Ehm, my dearest one, which remote island were we sailing to, again?


Melee Island?


Sardinia (muted trombone: whooop-whooop)


Well, I… umm… I never thought we’d make it this far :relaxed:
Do you have any suggestions, mon chéri?


This forum has too much love! And chocolate.


And catchy songs :notes: :revolving_hearts:


He’s currently pre-occupied challenging me on QuizUp :wink: SCANDAL!