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Oi! Bloody riot!


This means business… Put the kettle on!


AGH! My weakness… general knowledge!! :weary:


Yeah, so I just did the two challenges by sushi and Kate. Can´t have the german football team the only germans to make an ass out of themselves, tonight!


What? what did I miss?


When did I ever claim that, btw?


Not that long ago, I think? Unless I´m mixing up things.

Did I mention that I´m shipped with a “could possibly get everything wrong” disclaimer tattooed on my back?


The WHAT-hunt?? :open_mouth:
Ok ok. Easy! It is perhaps because you aren’t married that you take all of this for that. But seriously, if that is what you want to hunt for… leave this forum right now…

Anyway… I still seem to have a lot of catching up to do in this thread… so apologies if I stepped on a few sore toes with my reaction above. :wink:


Didn´t I just say that I wasn´t in for the you-know-what-for-you-know-who?


What’s your nick then? Mine’s Frenzie.


I´ve seen you in the lists of the others, I´ll add you there.


Ah, that’s the famous box which is still going around…

And ridiculous fake laughs! (Though not a British speciality)


Oh shit! I got off with a close call there! :sweat:

You guys, you know I am gonna read this stuff later, right?
(Eyes filling up with tears)


Cancel that.


Does that mean you finished reading, or you´re redacting your apology?


Don’t blame me! I was trying to provide you with a scandal of your own :stuck_out_tongue:


Mhmmmm… what about…



Hmm… it’s a bit small :face_with_monocle:
How about somewhere with palm trees? :palm_tree:


You are two persons - or would you like to invite all other forum members? :wink:

They are very dangerous: Many people died after being hit by a falling coconut …


:grinning: :baggage_claim: