Ray doesn't know the state abbreviations

I’m surprised that nobody caught this one sooner. As the author of the video says:

Agent Ray fails on her state abbreviations, as she thinks MA (Massachusetts) is Michigan, MN (Minnesota) is Montana, AK (Alaska) is Arkansas and MO (Montana) is Missouri. Can we really have faith in Agent Ray’s ability to uphold the law?

I’m wondering if it’s intentional or a mistake.

Well that´s it, I want my money back NOW!


I already asked for a refund when I discovered that the game engine didn’t handle the pixels correctly, leaving them on the floor.


As Ron said, it’s all intentional. Except the things that were mistakes.

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Did they make mistakes intentionally?

As all is intentional, the mistakes are indeed intentional, except the mistakes that were mistakes of course.

Making all mistakes intentionally would have been a mistake.

If a gamemaker would make a mistake, how many mistakes could a gamemaker make?

True story. The actor is Canadian. All the other actors got the state names right. She flub a few and I liked it. I thought it fit with Ray’s personality to be wrong about this when she was so precise about everything else. So it wasn’t intentional from the beginning, but was intentional in that we left it on purpose.


@All : See? An intentional mistake.


Saved it like a pro! :+1:

Only Americans notice that, I guess (same reason why audiences go ‘Whooh Yeah’ when their home town or state is mentioned- weird). My attention was gone after 5 states. Still, I got the joke: it is valid in every state - including whichever Thimbleweed Park (Whooh Yeah!!) is in.

That joke (the ambiguity of the state TwP is in, like with Springfield or Duckburg) would be better if Delores Hard mode flashback wouldn´t flat out say that it was Washington (unless there is a joke there that I didn´t get).

Really? :neutral_face:

I don’t remember this detail at all.

I believe there is several ways to state your adress in the flashback when you apply for the Mmucus Flem job, but I think it all comes down to Washington state.

I remember different options, each showing a different state. And when you click any of them, Delores just types that address.

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Okay yes it´s all states that start with a W.

The options are:

WY (Wyoming)
WA (Washington)
WV (West Virgina)
WI (Wisconsin)

Maybe I´m just having a hard time imagining TwP in the deep south.

But then again there is this confederate statue fountain in the hotel lobby…

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Strange, judging by the landscape and/or the accents, I would have bet it takes place in either TX or NY. :wink:

(Seriously, the accents probably hint to BC or NF, with all these Canadian actors for the voice overs - though I can’t hear the difference)

Are the canadian accents that strong? I don´t remember a single “aboot”.

You mean “about”? Aren’t you confusing it with Irish then? Or Scottish? Or Newcastle-anish?