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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


Just landed on a planet called “Ortega” which I assume, going by the name, is a planet of colombian drug dealers! :syringe: :smoking: :snowflake:


Let this be a reminder to always put on your sunscreen girls’n’boys!


Oh well let´s look somewhere else how about Phobe´s Hut…huh? Didn´t know she had one? Ah, Pheeblehut!

Sounds nice enough…

“Aiiieee need your clothes your spaceship and your mothacycle!”

Arggghh! And he´s invisible, too! :scream:



Yeah that invisible dude’s annoying! There are other hazards here too, if you go too far in certain directions. I can tell you them if you like.


Look snake:

Not sure if sexual innuendo or not… :thinking:


I would guess so :wink: did it kill you? I thought it killed you…


Yep, definitely sexual innuendo then…wait, what?

Oh yeah I found at least two other things on this planet that kill me. A scorpion like thing that roams the desert and a thing with teeth and a huge tongue that hangs from a cave ceiling.

It´s like they don´t want good ole Rog to even be here! :sweat:

only just seen this. Yeah I guess I´ve seen a good chunk of them now.

I thought there was some sort of civil habitation somewhere? At least that´s what the scanner on the ship said and also why I´m here, I guess.


They weren’t even the ones I was going to mention :smile:

By the way you might want some help when you get to the shop, as you need to be a bit careful.


Right now I´d be happy to survive two consecutive screens! :skull_and_crossbones:


Haha… By the way don’t worry if you see the terminator landing anywhere - it doesn’t mean he’s about to get you.


That planet is definitely one of the most pant-poopingly tense places in the whole Space Quest universe…


I´m on the correct planet though, I´m I?

Oh hey, I just found another death!



Haa! Is that the lightning one?


Yeah. I can´t capture videos as easily as screenshots, otherwise I´d show a video. That animation was real nice.

Well, then I should look out for some sort of habitation, I guess…

Friendly faces where ever you look…


Some might not mean anything bad. Some might.

Fun fact: there are a total of eight ways to die on this planet.


Oh hey, it´s a shop actually!

Hey that´s…racist! Alien racist…Alienist?


Maybe it was mistranscribed from ‘ALIENS, COME!’


So just be careful what you do in there.


snake, scorpion, ceiling, lightning. Hey I´m not halfway through the game but halfway through that “sidequest”!

Okay, I´ll watch out. Let´s see what´s inside!

But first…

:coffin: Number 5!


Enjoying all those easter eggs on the postcards!

However being completly devoid of Buckazoids, I´m not sure I can do anything here? :thinking:


I didn’t get that at the time but I do now, heh.

Maybe he takes other currency.

That sounded seedy.