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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀



Does that mean I can enter it through the front door? :thinking:








(he actually says that even when I stand right in front of that blue thing at the back right, which is definitely a ladder!)


Is it? They look like fixed stairs to me. Didn’t you see a ladder earlier?


If you climb it using your hands, I´d say it´s a ladder not stairs.

Not that I can recall! I sure would have taken it, had I seen one!


Visible ladders: 0
Actual ladders present: 1

Thanks, I´d never thought to look there for one, hadn´t I known that I should. It´s a bit like with the glass in the first game I didn´t even know was there before I picked it up!

Ouch that´s brutal!

Love those graphics! :heart:


Not sure if it’s intentional, but that blue rectangular thing on the right looks just like a Lego block. Did Roger get shrunk down to miniature size or something?


On my way now! Finally!

Yeah, I thought the same! But this is never explained since I couldn´t find a proper way to look at the blocks.

Actually it is supposed to be the inside of this giant robot´s head.

Here Roger is seen entering through its broken eye screen.


That’s one of the frustrating things I remember about both these and PNC adventure games. Getting to a new room is awesome at first, but then you try to look around and of course they didn’t program a description for every visible thing that you want to know about.


Either way, you can’t pick it up so it’s no good.

You would’ve seen it clearly from inside the bit where the rats were looking at you. It’s another way to go in and out of that area. I’d assumed you’d used it but guess not!

You can see it in your post here.

Anyway you’ve done it now, well done.


On a sidenote, the response for the ladder part was ones of my favourites :laughing:


Yeah and now imagine this not even being a PnC game but using a text parser you can spend a good while just guessing what the thing might be called!

I thought that was the only way and thus I assumed I wasn´t able to pick it up. I still wouldn´t know without your screenshot since I picked it up from above (where it is not visible).

Ouch! :grin:


Yes, but Captain Funk will prevail!


Captain´s Log Supplemental

Even an AI has patience, and here I am sitting now hoping my frequent usage of the vast knowledge of @PiecesOfKate Bot will not cause her to overheat and have a meltdown I´d be having a hard time repairing on my own! I hope she can bear with me for the remaining stages of this adventure!


Don’t you mean if only someone’d brought a stepladder?


Those references not contained in my database.


AI PiecesOfKate Bot Update Report 731

Current AI data shows high levels of enjoyment in the interaction and revisiting of one of her favourite games. She recognises that her hints are a bit cryptic at times but can’t resist making use of her new humour.exe module. She will endeavour to assist Captain Funkloch until he reaches the end of his mission. At which point she will go into stasis and perhaps re-emerge as a Dyson Animal vaccuum cleaner.

So you don’t need to worry, Dave. I mean Milan.