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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


<3 Shai-Hulud.


I just sold the glowing gem for his highest bid (425 as I found after the first try).


Cool - long as you didn’t go past his third offer I think that’s okay.


I did the first time but then I reloaded, so I guess that was just the correct amount.

No idea what to do with all that now, though. I can´t just take on any of the junk he offers me, right?


You need specific things but I’m not sure how much it matters if you overspend. Not clear in the walkthroughs. So I could just tell you what to buy?


I think I bought everything I could buy (which are the items he holds up: the Thermounderwear, the chickenhead and the Orat on a stick) all this awarded me points so it can´t have been wrong!

But then this happened:

I wasn´t fast enough to figure out exactly what to do here, but I have a feeling I reached the correct place:


Oh cool, that’s right.

Yep, that’s one way (there are two). I remember doing it that way even though you get fewer points and it’s more difficult!

I’m got a date with ER, so I’ll check back later.


Oh think it just seems to be the closest at that moment?

Which way is the other way?


Oh you mean the show! :relieved:


Humph, push the robot is no option (seemingly) and those neat hooks aren´t visible to the parser (at least not as “hooks”).


I think ‘hook’ should be fine. It doesn’t work every time though - it’s a timing thing.


No it was the generic “I don´t know what you are talking about” phrase of the parser I think. Let me try again.

Yeah, this one:


Maybe try ‘pulley’?

You’re not in the right position.
You need to do it at the right time.


See, now we´re getting somewhere!



Once I knew the correct term, it wasn´t that hard! :blush:

You can reveal the alternate solution now.

And I got a rad new item now! :grin:


Now you see me! Now you DON´T! :see_no_evil:

Since I´m assuming I´m done on this planet (?)

I have two possible destinations now.

  • Monolith Burger
  • Planet Ortega (which thanks to the underwear should be safe now)

What would be more advisable?


It was to lure him to those hanging bug things and watch them eat him, heheh.

Go treat yourself to a burger :wink: you’ll need it to psyche yourself up for another annoying quicktime event…


Damnit, Scotty first the moustache and now you´re ordering the supersize menu AGAIN?


Mhhhhh. :hamburger: :fries: :green_salad: :cup_with_straw:

It´s that arcade game, isn´t it? :weary:


Afraid so, Moo-moo.

What meal did you order by the way?


I think the regular Monolith Burger with a drink and all the extras.

With so many choices and no hint what to order, does it matter?


Yes, I think it does. Unless you acquired something from the meal you bought?