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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


So far nothing than a little uneasiness described above. What´s the worst that could happen?


“Oh no! Not again!”


Remember how when you were a kid you liked the meal that came with a toy?*

*possibly not true but you get me


I seem to remember not getting that and still being able to complete the game, but being kind of confused as to what was going on… (a little bit like in MI and MI2 how you can complete the forest and LeChuck’s fortress maze without following the instructions)


I think we have SpaceBalls on DVD.


Well, back in the day I loved those:


Does that mean I have to get this for a hint?

Hope I don´t blow all my money on the chicken game! :sweat:


Yeah, you don’t have to but it’s a bit confusing like you say.

Not a hint, just to understand what you need to do and why.

Do that first and I’ll tell you the burger thing if needed :slightly_smiling_face:


How many have to land for me to win (my record is two) ?


Just had a longer run and then the game within the game glitched out on me.

I hate this!


You have to get ten :neutral_face:

I’m just going to check you definitely have to do that bit to progress…

Edit: Yeah looks like you do.

There are some good tips on this wiki post - I’ll type some out…





  • speed 6 or slower is recommended (but too slow means slower responses to your key pressing)
  • The game gives you more feed than necessary to land every chicken
  • Don’t hold buttons down
  • Most of your deaths occur due to a “bug,” in which the chicken will bounce up and down on the platform in an uncontrollable succession until death. Even if such behaviour was implemented by sadistic design, at times it can not be avoided. Keep in mind, that it does not happen often enough to get in the way of landing 10 chickens with just one buckazoid.


  • As soon as a chicken appears, press ↑ to bring his descent to a halt.
  • Based on the location of the chicken, use the necessary directions to bring the chicken to the center of the screen. (do that as soon as you toggle flaps in the step above) Use the ↓ to straighten out further descent.
  • Toggle flapping on and off to provide a slow step-wise descent. (Generally, toggle on when the rooster begins to move downward, and toggle off once he stops.)
  • Land the chicken on the A to get the BACOCK!




We’re all behind you, etc.


That was the message I got.

What did that do now?


That’s why you need the happy meal :grinning: It has something in it that translates the mess-

Oh hang on, you probably needed to get that first then. Er. Can you go buy the ‘fun meal’ and go back to the screen? If not I’ll just paste the translation here!

Sorry! Bad AI! :tired_face:

I was thinking it was a message you could take away with you, meh.


Yeah you know what. I probably should have used it then in there.

Now I´m having this glitch where the delay is so huge making this utterly unplayable.



Ooooo, I’ve managed to work out what some of the words are! But for others, I have no idea :laughing:
Perhaps Captain Funkloch should try to decipher the message without the translation tool.


I’ll race you in completing the translation!
On your marks, get set, GO! :arrow_right:


You´re really something else! You know that?


Heheh :grin:
Take another look at the first few words, and I bet you’ll start to see the meaning behind them.


Way ahead of you!