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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


You need something to help you get across.


:grimacing: I hope I didn´t forget it!

Pockets time?


Yep, show me your pockets.

I can’t remember if you can go back or not. It might depend what else you’ve done.


Well, I arrived at the planet, took the detonator out of the crate and then I threw it into Mount Doom the big construction that probably makes the whole place blow to bits now. The timer at least seems to tolerate a lot at the moment.


Hm. Can you go back to where the men were?

Yeah there is a timer going, so best be quick.


To where the all equipment is(the telescope, the crate I took the detonator from etc)? Yes of course! I just came from there in fact.


Yep. Cool. There’s something else there you need.




Decision time!



Ooh, tick… tick… tick… Don’t worry, I don’t think ultra bad happens with any of those choices.

Ooh my favourite funny bit coming up. Funny not so much for the player but it amuses me. You’ll probably recognise it from the tweet I had pinned for ages :slight_smile:


You mean?

Great! I´ve been waiting since I started playing those for this bit to come up, eventually! :smile:


Oh maybe you didn’t notice, never mind.

But… You just said… :confused:

Edit: Oh, I see. I read that as ‘what do you mean’!


I´ve actually been wondering if that was already since it seemed to be on a spacestation or something?

I mean, I could dig through your timeline now…

Yeah, no I meant is that what you were refering to (with the card jumping on the keyboard).

I prefer to write in full sentences. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Oh cat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yes!

Except you didn’t, which is what confused me!

Anyway, yes that bit :slightly_smiling_face:


Gah, I´m sorry! Not being my usual self today. But when am I really, when you think about it?


:exploding_head: :smile:

That scene also makes me a bit sad because one of the guys who commented on it took his life last year. It’s a nice memory though.

Did you select an option?



Damn I just remembered the dream I had tonight…

Not yet, but I´m guessing curiosity would be getting the better out of me and I might want to check inside (Enter LucasArts ScumSoft.)


Great, one option less!


It is NOT?!


See I thought that happened but the walkthrough changed my mind!

Did you get a chance to do anything before you went in?