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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


Nope, it went down like a cut scene.

It also looks like waiting doesn´t really do anything and there is no other place to go to on this planet either so also no point really to go back to ship.


In that case, I think you need to go back to your ship and do something before coming back to the building.

I can give you a bigger hint if you like.


Tell me your dreams

Okay, I go back to the ship first and see what I can do inside there.


Right, putting on the invisibility belt didn´t do anything. I guess I need to power it first(since it says it´s low). I´m guessing I can do that on the ship somehow?


Hm. Maybe that means you need to be nearer when you put it on. Can you try it with the ‘waiting’ option instead?

Sorry, my memory of this bit is hazy and the walkthroughs are really not helping!

I remembered it as putting it on just outside the building, which is why I thought your first option was right.


I can try that, maybe the lower power hint means that it only works for a very short distance.

Would be nice though if they could have made something like a visual cue about your status of invisiblity. You don´t get transparent or anything it just says you´re wearing it but not, if it is actually working!


Yeah, that’s why I thought you might need to be nearer.

Haha, you’ll know if it’s working…


Seems my “Eric, The Viking” comparison further above wasn´t that far off. :grin:

Ahhh, shit. That didn´t work either. I can´t really put it on any closer than THAT!


That’s weird.

Can you go south from your ship?


This planet seems to have exactly three screens so far and no matter where I go from the ship I´m taken to the close-up.


Can you try putting the belt on and then pressing a button maybe? Or can you not even wear it?

Or try turning it on first?

And I’m assuming you can’t put it on at the lookout spot.

Edit, edit, edit, I’m gonna get run over in a minute!


I can put it on and it just says that I´m wearing it. Also on the lookout spot(which I just tried).
But you may be right that I have to manually activate it first.


So you can’t put it on and then try and go down there? With a text command maybe?


That was it!

I just KNEW I had to be aware of the effect myself!

It´s a technical thing afterall not a magical thing that just works by putting it on.



Sorry, a cat just jumped on my keyboard and I don´t even HAVE a cat! :scream_cat:

Seriously though, The first thing that happened was that he nosily bumped into the wall. :laughing:




Yay! :smile:

Wow, can’t believe that was over two years ago…

I really like the way the next bit is done. Not going to ruin it though.

I’m starting to think I might like SQ3 more than SQ2. If it wasn’t for Astro Chicken, that is.


But can you skip that bit though, or does the game notice if Roger has read it or not?

Are there any more QTEs that are specially annoying?
Am I far? I mean storywise it feels like it, but it´s hard to tell with that weird point system.

I might be taking a break since I have to be off in a bit and continue with it ce soir when I have plus temps.


That’s true. But I suppose you technically wouldn’t know all the story if you didn’t do it. And you also wouldn’t know that you can skip it.

In the following SQ games? I’m not sure. I don’t remember getting to any in SQ4 before I got fed up.




No, I mean in the rest of this one. I don´t plan to get the bundle with the remaining three games anytime soon(at the very least not until the next sale).


Oh I see. No I think there’s only one arcade thingy per game.