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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


I´ve already forgotten what it was in SQ2.

Cool, hopefully that means I can finish this thread in under 1000 posts!


Me too. I guess there wasn’t one, unless you count the plunger bit.

Oh hang on, which one is that annoying robot…


Doesn’t beating Astro Chicken trigger something? Like there is a planet you can’t get to or is empty if you haven’t beaten it yet? (maybe not, I can’t remember…)

As far as I recall, the game doesn’t know if you’ve actually taken the time to decode the message (which I didn’t the first time I played it), but I seem to remember having to beat Astro Chicken…


Not really, that was more like a know how kinda thing. The skimmer bit was annoying (though other than the Chicken game you could at least cheat it a bit by saving in between. You couldn´t save during the actual arcade game!).

So in that respect the second game was pretty good, I´d say. But I also like how the third one opened up a bit (Monkey Island 2 style) by letting you travel freely to some interplanetary destinations (I really like how the controlling of the ship works, better than the one in the second game that I OF COURSE instantly crashed into the ground on my first attempt! :woozy_face: ).


I need to do my work. I’ll read this later.


At least to my knowledge there is no way of actually letting it know you did that, either!

That part actually wouldn´t surprise me!


Ditto, be off myself!


But that was in SQ1?

But yeah the option to save is why I don’t rate it as annoying as Astro chicken.

Yeah, I’d remembered it that you had to do that part, but can’t find anything confirming why. The walkthroughs tell you to do it (one says you can’t avoid it) but nowhere says what it triggers. So maybe it is something to do with a location and it would encourage you to go back and play it (yeah right, Sierra!)

Is that when you hit your head because you didn’t turn on the radar? :laughing:


Yeah I meant in general from the first three games I know now.

Hah, no that was in SQ3 (and yes it happened to me!) in SQ2 when you reach the platform to finally escape the planet you can start the ship and if you push the lever instead of pulling it before you have made a vertical ascend you drive your ship into the ground.


Welcome to my personal nightmare:

Cubicles! :scream:


I love that layout so much :laughing: it’s like a little mini game!


Yup, I actually started enjoying the vaporizing after a while! ssssuck

Also I just use a photocopying machine to copy a picture I wisely hung back on the wall again.

What is this Thimbleweed Park? :heart_eyes:

Current location:


Ooh, I wonder who they are :grin:

What’s in your pockets?


If you are asking because of the vaporizer, I couldn´t even have gotten here without it.

You LIED to me! :angry:


But a cool one! Mechs! And Bots! And Fights!


Everybody sing! :notes:


No not because of that. I was thinking of the keycard

Ohh, I did wonder


Same, though. I think I´m fine itemwise.

I don´t remember that. Was that a post factum edit?

In any case I had no idea you were talking about something that would come up in this game.

Nyaargghh, is there are trick to this?


Fuck I was just leading for the longest time and then it got completly turned around.

The fact that your opponent gets energy from hitting you is just BULLSHIT!