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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


What? No, that’s exactly what I wrote.

I know, I was just referring to my wondering.


No I mean if you might have added that last part after you posted it (and I first read it and so missed that last sentence) Doesn´t matter I might just have missed it. Now I know what you were wondering about. Better yet, I managed it (only tip I would give to future players be offensive AF!)!


You did.

There’s also a glitch you can play off which I was bearing in mind if you needed it.


I might just have thought you were thinking of another robot, never mind.

Interesting, what would that have been?

Is it realistic I can complete the game still tonight or is there much left, still?


Quite likely.


Hello DiscoPiecesOfKateBot!


Oh hey ANOTHER action scene.



My personal record:

Shooting down three ships in a row.

Is that enough yet?




Captain´s Log Stardate 201812,07 Final Entry

I have lost contact with Roger Wilco. His last known destination was a habitable planet in a parallel dimension. A planet known to the majority of the natives as planet earth.

He told me his two friends he rescued on his last adventure were given permanent employment at a company that goes by the name of Sierra On-Line. A firm that specialises in the manufacturing and deployment of electronic entertainment, I am told.
Unfortunatly he was unable to take a job as a janitor, therefore he opted to go on new adventures on his own. That was the last I heard of him.

As I wrap up this final log I want to extend my special thanks to the following people.

My always trusty on board AI @PiecesOfKate Bot (AKA Katbot now with humour chip!) for her never ending patience for my constant enquiries, as well as continued emotional support (very much treasured!).

As well as the spectators @Paul @yrface @tasse-tee and @someone for their continued display of interest in our adventures. As well as to the silent readers who got whatever sort of enjoyment out of the past 690 electronic entries.

I will now retire as a Captain and leave the commando of the ship to anyone else who wants to put up with Roger Wilco in the future. My well deserved retirement awaits after I have received my honours at the planetary academy.

After that I plan to put myself in cryogenic sleep for the comming 300 years at least.

Captain Out.


Captain M. Funkloch


Well done Captain, that was fun. I enjoyed revisiting the games and remembering quite how much is involved. I hope you enjoyed it too and it wasn’t too frustrating.

It’s been great discovering more LucasArts games over the last year but I’ll always have a soft spot for Space Quest. While it’s nice knowing you can’t die in Monkey Island I like that SQ makes you think (especially when using a text parser). And the humour is so sharp.

I’d like to try playing them again without any walkthroughs one day.


Despite my occasional cursing I actually enjoyed it immensely! It always felt like a little triumph when I correctly guesssed what the text parser wanted from me(especially when I managed that on the first attempt).

I could have done tons more screenshots of funny jokes, moments and references but then I´d never finished them. Yes it was frustrating and very often cheap, but many parts were also fair and the fact you weren´t sheltered, handholded and almost never could feel secure made it more thrilling too. If I could I´d probably advocate: Dead ends - no. Deaths - yes.

It´s an unpopular opinion but I had probably enjoyed TwP more had there been a few more chances to die. I mean you can die at least once in Monkey Island 2 and actually a lot in MM and Zak. It´s a lot of fun to revisit just for that, too.

There is also something of a cozy atmosphere that simple looking games of the past have that you just can´t reproduce when you do too me, I always loved getting back to it everyday for the last few weeks.

Still I don´t think I had enjoyed it as much without all of your feedback, so thanks a lot for that and I hope we can do something like that again in the future even if it´s me helping you again. :slight_smile:



It’s interesting - I’ve learnt that we both like quite different levels of help. I hate spoilers and if I have too much help I feel like I’ve ‘invalidated’ my game. Whereas you seem happy to be guided through bits.

Though I guess that has a lot to do with the fact that I was playing ‘safe’ Monkey Island and you were dancing in a pit of fire :wink:


Score: 698 of 738

What about the missing 40 points…? :thinking:


Some of those will be using the ‘easier’ way to get the Terminator dude. There might be others - this is a useful points list.

Also I meant to say to @milanfahrnholz now that the chicken hat does nothing but gets you points. I find that amusing for some reason :smile:


More than anything. I didn´t felt spoilt at all by your help. It safed me a lot of frustration and backtracking.

Especially with the many dead ends. But I also needed help for Monkey Island back in the day.


Didn´t you simply give up on Zak McKracken? I could still help you with that!


I didn’t really like the money part of it, or the fact that it was so lateral. For that reason I think it might be a difficult one to get help with - I’d have to tell you what I’d done in between all the time.

But thanks, I may come back to it one day :slightly_smiling_face:


Not that sounds A LOT like a couple of parts of Space Quest I needed your help with to me! :wink:

Before you climb down this rope, show me your pockets!


Yeah, I suppose the third one is a bit like that with the different planets. You checked in enough though that most of the time I knew what you’d done.

Doesn’t Zak have to be done in quite a particular order though, and you lose too much money if you do it wrong? So I’d feel like you’d have to lead me through it, which would feel a bit pointless.