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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


A short preview for this thread´s potential sequels.





Ooh, ooh, I vote KQ1!!!

But that’s the only one I’ve played, so your call, really, Captain Fahrenheit.


I second that. It’s the only Adventure from Sierra I completed (I also played a demo of Larry 7 when it came out).
Still I don’t Remember much from KQ1 apart the music, and it would bè nice to refresh my Memory about it.
:musical_note:Greensleeves was all my Joy
Greensleeves was my delight🎼


I´ve also been wondering if the music from Space Quest was something older, as it seemed quite familiar. Maybe from an old Flash Gordon or Buck Rodgers serial or cartoon.

Just so you guys know my intended order would be something like

KQ 1-3
Larry 1-3
PQ 1-3

And that would still leave one Police Quest and two Larry games.

Who knows where it´ll go from there. But those seem to be pretty much the games in that old low-res + text parser style that I´ve grown to be quite fond of by now. :slight_smile:


Let me know when you start Larry 1; I might join you. Personally I didn’t really like those parts of King’s Quest and Space Quest I saw 20(+) years ago… although given your Arrakis screenshot above I might reconsider SQ. I suppose I could spare yet another € 5 for GOG. >_>


I’m curious to see how KQ pans out :slightly_smiling_face: I might not be around as much as the SQ ones but I’ll definitely pop in.

I also might have to avoid the PQ posts as I intend to play them one day, hm.


I will certainly make threads for each series so you all know when I play KQ(I will definitly need somebody to guide me through the timed beginning of KQ 3 because I never had the nerve for that),

And since I intend to play the PQ games last, by that time “one day” might even have arrived, so we can play it together. :wink:


Stay tuned for:

There and there again…and again…and again - The reddish books of Sir Graham

Leisure Suit Larry - The Virginal Monologues

The LPD Police Reports of Sonny Bonds


So I downloaded the SQ1 demo from here to determine whether to spend the money, but apparently that was basically just a bunch of trailers.

Then I found this… multiplayer Space Quest? O_o

The death writing seems amusing, at least as long as it keeps being different.

I now remember this “open door” → “you’re not close enough” type shenanigans.


Looks like they changed the font, outside of that I don´t know anything about this.

When I bought the trilogy it was down to € 2.19. It was worth it. You can barely get a beer for that money these days.



“Error saving game” is NOT the sort of message I want to get in these games! :weary:


The game asked me if I really wanted to look at something. I’m used to being able to type “yes.” :stuck_out_tongue: But you have to dismiss the popup and then yes isn’t an option.


Its a rhetorical question. No follow ups.


Solved. Turns out opening them inside my regular ScummVM menu wasn´t a good idea. Now I´m using the original files again and f5 gets me directly to the saving menu of ScummVM instead of the original menus of the games that don´t work.