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Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀


You´d have to do a lot of pointless flights in order to be really broke. You can always go back and reload and there is a way (though it´s a bit complicated) to make an infinite amount of money (just let get yourself abuducted in the Bermunda Triangle investigate the alien spaceship thoroughly and BOOM all your money problems will be solved!)

There will also come a point when you don´t have to fly at all anymore. Letting yourself get caught by the alien persuers also saves travel money.

It also helps that Annie (who has far less money and also cannot make any like Zak) is only needed in three (maximum two) places in the whole game though and you can even let Zak pay for her bus ride and first plane ticket!

Once you got these basics down and you have an idea what to do the order doesn´t matter anymore, but never leave a place when you haven´t looked for absolutly everything there.

You can do it!


That’s made me slightly less perturbed :wink: and we all know I’ll do anything for an X-Files gif


It’s a good place to split up the series, as 1, 2, and 3 all have a similar vibe…

4, 5, and 6 use verbs instead of the parser, and they have inventory icons, and voice for 4 and 6. The style of graphics that are in things like MI2 (painted and then scanned in) are used in 4 and 5, while 6 is a little bit more cartoony.
I can’t recall exactly, but I think SQ6 has no dead ends and after you die you automatically restore to just before you died (I think, though I might be remembering wrong).

SQ4 has a great concept (time travel and the Sequel Police are after you), and you get to go to future SQ games as well as back to some of the previous ones.
SQ5 is a bit of an oddity, as lots of it feels more like a Star Trek parody, but it has lots of really great/interesting locations.
SQ6 goes back to being more like SQ4, the narrator returns and it’s really funny.


Oh yeah! The name of it at the top of the screen used to confuse me in screenshots :laughing:


Yeah I still may consider getting the remaining three when they are on sale again.

The first game took lots of plot elements from Star Wars so it was almost a straight parody of that. The second game reminded me of Planet Of The Apes because of how the aliens who abduct you look like. The third game had some free space exploration elements I really loved and the look of the guys you rescue (especially in the closeups) had a distinct Cyberpunk/Heavy Metal(as in the comic magazine) look to it.

So the initial trilogy each have their own distinct style.

I may want to pursue other early Sierra games first though (going back to King´s Quest, Larry and the early Police Quest titles) before going more into the 90s with the sequels (also to shake things up a bit setting vice, to not get bored with one genre). Because I really loved the style of the early ones, the art, the sound and the way the parser opened the gates for countless jokes.

It´s great that GOG has them all on the price especially when they´re on sale is so reaonsably low I might go back to any of them whenever I feel like.


Cool, would be great if you made threads like this one to follow your progress… I’ve played the King’s Quest games, but only PQ1 and LSL1.
I started playing LSL2, but haven’t got round to finishing it.

When I think about playing the Sierra games, in my mind I’m like, “oh no, dead-ends, constant saving, odd puzzles, etc.” but when I’m actually playing them it’s not as bad/intimidating as it seems in theory…

Plus I check with a walkthrough every so often to make sure I haven’t done something game-breaking… with the LucasArts games from MI onwards I feel like checking a walkthrough is cheating, but with the Sierra games it feels like a necessity in many cases.


Phew, that really was A LOT of work.

In order to make screenshots I always had to hit the “print” key (as you do for some reason on the PC) then save, close the game and post it here. I lost count on how many times I heard the opening tunes of each games introductory sequence.

And the Space Log writing style was challening as well, using this kind of elaborate “high” language that would sound good read by Shatner or Stewart and this is only my second language!

But it was tons of fun making this thread, especially in this style and with all the pictures (and comments) too. And it was also nice to see other people who didn´t participate actively (and some who never ever played these games) got some joy out of this as well.

So I may do something simliar in the future, but it may be different. New style, new voice. Different games. :slight_smile:


Damn you, LucasPhlegm™!



Sierra Games are on Sale again!

Keep on your pants!

But stay tuned anyway!


So now I got:

Kings Quest 1-3
Police Quest 1-4
Leisure Suit Larry 1-6

And Zak because it was under 2 bucks and MM for good balance.* :slightly_smiling_face:

*Anyone got any idea how to access the classic graphic modes for those? The downloads I got were both for the enhanced versions.


You can just pick which one you want in the ScummVM startup screen?


I´d have to add those first, does that mean they´re both in the folder (seems I only got the desktop and start menu links for the enhanced versions.) ?


Huh, maybe they’ve updated it or something? That’s just what I got as the single Zak shortcut.

What if you try pressing F5 and return to launcher?

Edit: hm, they say they updated it to ScummVM 2 but as you can see I already have that and my install is from May.


You see that there is only one download for the PC version and I just checked the folder and there is also only one exe file for the FM towns version. Humph…


Gah, Windows takes minutes to become actually usable after boot on my poor dual-core laptop.

But it looks like my suggested method (F5 → return to launcher) also works on Windows. :slight_smile:

Also I have two start menu entries. The one confusingly named “Zak etc (floppy)” and the other just “Zak etc”. The floppy one goes straight to DOS Zak. :smiley:


That works, but still seems there is only enhanced Zak and FM Towns Zak. I thought the original was on there too.


Anyway back to the important news:

More Sierra shenanigans! :partying_face:



Oh, I thought only C64 was original. There’s also regular and enhanced on DOS?


I think? But then again the original DOS was released around the same time as the enhanced MM so maybe they already were further in the development of the graphic style so that was the initial version for the PC (and there is no PC Zak that looks as closely to the C64 like with Maniac Mansion).