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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


The one on the left is clearly a Cookie, the one on the right a Buttons.


Cookie, I like it!
Why Buttons?


I don´t know. Just a feeling. Just looks like a Buttons to me.


The ultimate question on cat life, universe and everything:

Why do cats fart?

(Only when they sat on my lap???)


And why does my friend´s cat bite my other friend´s fingers and toes, but not mine?



That would mean we finally know the answer to the question now! :partying_face:


Salt and Pepper. :slight_smile:


The gray one is salt or pepper? :smiley:


Both obviously.


In your photo the left one is “pepper” and the right one is “salt”. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to take a nap.
Well… the same idea went to Yin, Hamtaro and SpeckOfDust !


Awwwww, it looks like they’ve gathered round for a bedtime story :relaxed:


Whoops, that white stuff is on your shirt! I wondered what kind of accident happened there!




Today’s nap.


This is my Clementine. She had a sister called Feebs who was basically my familiar, but she passed in February. We ended up getting Clementine a doggy brother in April called Manny. I mainly post pictures of him on a sickening Instagram account @mannymoos


Manny… Calavera?


Yes he is Manuel Atos Calavera the Great to give his KC registered name that we still have to update at some point. If I get my way in a couple of years he will have a sister Meche to play with.



plus… nice sneaking in some dogs in a cat thread! :smile: