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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


I make my own rules! But here’s Feebs to balance out my Manny. She’s still missed every day. She was hilarious, deaf, and fat. I love her.


Wanna one of “my” cats?
They are 12… until yesterday.
I’ve discovered a newborn kitty jealously protected by the black grandmother.

Oh, your Feebs looked like my SpeckOfDust !


Haha, I like names like that.

Plus you’re in the Realm of OffTopia!


Give these pictures a title :neutral_face:

notice: Yin climbed on my leg and went on my shoulders, all by itself!


The first picture: “tiptoe through the tulips cacti”. :notes:


#1: Speck of Dust in a Cactus Patch
(my version of needle in a haystack)

#2: Yin’s Lookout Post

The official language thread

Does Yin do that often? :slight_smile:


When I lay down, it usually jumps on me and reaches my armpit. When I’m standing, it first stares at me, then if I don’t move, it climbs on my leg :smile_cat:


The newborn, and its black panther - super protective mom.
I can’t get any closer, otherwise it scratches me.


That is one fierce looking cat mom!
I would not mess with her. :see_no_evil:


That fella knows his way around all sorts of secret passages.


Where is it? Labyrinth?


Haha, I wish! No just a regular allotment garden I was happening to pass through.


Any idea what this could be?


Maybe a “Cat toy for patience training”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Serious answer: You can put cat food in the balls and the holes. The cat then has to get the food out of them. It’s mainly meant for cats that are bored (because they are not allowed to go outside).


Around here they call 'em intelligence training (or some such) though, not patience training.


There was a really cute Spa Cat™ in the hotel in Mauritius, but I forget to get a bloody photo :frowning: maybe I could draw her :rofl:


Did it look like this?




Is that spacat doing the splits*?

*spagat in german, my puns don´t work today. :frowning: