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Tell me your dreams


And which of them is falling in the river? :grinning:


Di Maio (5 stars movement), because Salvini (Lega) has something green in his clothes :wink:


But shouldn´t Guybrush wear a clown costume, then? :thinking:


Not yet.


Yeah. I saw that one too after posting. I was a bit behind on reading posts here. But we both refer to the same thing (my maths are off: it’s actually more than 19 months)


I post it here, since I think it has something to do with elaboration and adjustment of memory like in dreams.
I’ve just had a deja-vu reading exactly this post:

It was strange 'cause I never thought it could be so clear for writings too. It sounds to me as a confirmation to some sort of memory adjustment mechanism we have during sleeping or deep relax, since I woke up from a short nap in a pretty busy stressful day…


Or you just forgot that you’ve really read that before…

Or you just forgot that you’ve really read that before…

Seriously, I do think déja-vues are indeed happening when something happens that ressembles something you have dreamt before (but have pushed back in memory, as most dreams should). Dreaming is just a practice mechanism for possible situations, biologically speaking.


Last night I dreamed we were at my aunt’s for Christmas, but my mum had convinced me not to buy any presents. My cousin said something about putting all the gifts under the tree and I was instantly embarrassed and panicked. I said we didn’t have any and my cousin said, ‘what, not even little things?’

I ended up yelling at my mum, including swearing which I wouldn’t normally do around her, and she got quite upset :frowning: I instantly regretted it.

Then a big scary dog came in and was jumping at me, trying to lick my face, so I hugged it because I felt that was safest (?!)

It was all really weird and uncomfortable.


Do you have real a dog sleeping in your bedroom?


Heheh no, only cats.


I only remember I was watching a football match and then Victor Ibarbo, Colombian international and former Cagliari player, tried to play the ball by swinging his enormous penis like a golf club.


Please, don’t ask us to analyze this dream…



I don’t want to link here a specific image, but… it’s like Motumbo ?
(try to search that word in google images. WARNING: explicit content ALERT!)


Well… yesterday evening Cagliari avoided relegation, so my mind was already set on football things. And two days ago was Ibarbo’s birthday, I read it on my Facebook feed. And Ibarbo was known for his… well, his… his. As for golf, I don’t know, I’ve been playing Golf Clash a couple of days ago.


I regularly play Golf Clash. I think I must search you among my friends…


I had a long and detailed dream. So long and detailed that I dreamed that I had to tell you. And I dreamed that I told it to my mother. And I dreamed that I wrote it in the forum. And now I don’t remember it.

I’m kidding, I remember it. But not in great detail.

I’m playing The Curse of Monkey Island, or at least a Monkey Island game with its graphic style, because I don’t remember in CMI that you have to save Elaine from drowning. The game was on a tablet and the puzzle was timed, and I couldn’t solve it. I remember that the first thing I tried was double tapping on a note to read it, and by the time Guybrush finished reading, Elaine was dead, and I had to try again. I remember being upset that Guybrush drowned too, as I protested “what the…? where are my 10 minutes of breath holding?” after failing another try.
So, I find myself somehow in the old bedroom of my childhood best friend and we’re still talking about Monkey Island, while the room gets flooded. We are floating on water when we see LeChuck’s ship sinking Guybrush and Elaine’s. We must save them. We try to swim, but it’s too dark and the water is too deep. My friend’s father comes, he has three flashlights, three scuba masks and two oxygen cylinders. So I remain without oxygen. I dive again, near the room wall so I can have a “feedback” of how deep I’m going, and after a while I think I can see the bottom, but I can’t hold my breath anymore, so I swim upwards. I need to breathe, so I breathe a bit. I don’t notice that I actually got a bit of air while I should have drowned, so I don’t notice it’s a dream - I noticed only when awake - but that bit of air helps me to hold it again until I reach the surface. It felt very uncomfortable, as I had been holding my breath in reality.
I convince my friend’s father to lend me his oxygen, and I dive again. I reach the bottom, but there’s only sand. I search and search and search and in the end I find Elaine’s corpse on the sand.

I know there was a lot more :frowning: but I lost it. I should have written it down when I first woke up, but it was like 2am.




In my dream last night I met Steven Spielberg on a bus(he looked more like he did 25 years ago than he does now) and had a very long conversation with him he was very into as well. The longest and I think last part of the talk involved location shooting and I think we argued wheater Gilligan´s Island was shot on a set or on an open air backlot that had real plants and trees on it.


Come on, you read my other dreams, you know I can reach a higher level of detail :stuck_out_tongue: