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Tell me your dreams


Thanks Katie.

Yeah, maybe. It usually wakes me up anyway, but maybe I could find a way to wake up earlier. I’m sure it’ll stop when I start feeling better in general, just annoying!


:point_up: Priorities! After that your nightmares can fuck off, too!


@PiecesOfKate: It seems to me that in the last time we had here a lot of “negative” dreams? Would you (and your Excel sheet) agree or am I wrong?


Do you mean the last time I dreamed?


All dreams posted here in the last few days (and maybe weeks). For example Guga had posted some not so good dreams, you had some of them too. I can’t remember that one forum member posted here a nice and beautiful dream.


Oh I see what you mean. Yes, definitely a spate of them.


The reason(s) for that would be interesting …

Do we (humans) mostly remember only the bad dreams and nightmares? Or do we here just post the negative ones (for example because they are more interesting and more dramatic)? Or are we having so much stress that we have more negative dreams these days?


It might be a phase like so much in life that is over in a blink. Like puberty or my twenties.


I’m pretty sure mine are related to something specific.

But in general I think it is probably life stresses and difficult events that bring them on.

Although that is a good point, too. We’re probably more likely to wake up during nightmares so we remember them more.


Then I hope that you get rid of that specific! :slight_smile: (If we can help, let us know.)


I had a phase two years ago where it was a succession of:

  1. Terrifyingly realistic feeling plane crash
  2. Being witness to a school shooting
  3. Living in a warzone, walking through the debris that used to be my home taking cover from bombs.


These dreams are very similar. Have you found a reason/trigger for these dreams? For example a (bad) experience or a negative event? Yes or No as an answer would be enough. :slight_smile:


well, sure.


I think sometimes I just need to give less of a shit.

But thanks :slightly_smiling_face: same goes to you guys.


Sometimes we all need a radical change.

Out with the old, in with the new.

If only it weren´t so hard.


I’ve had some very positive and pleasant dreams lately. But I just don’t want to share them. I can’t make them as coherent and tell them as interesting as Guga does.


Maybe if you began sharing, you’d become more and more able to tell them :smiley:


How does that even work?


It’s difficult… I dream of things including certain sounds or smells I associate with fond memories, so it is hard to describe that and to provide the whole real-life backstory.


That sounds nice :slightly_smiling_face: it’d be nice to hear some of your dreams as I don’t think you’ve posted many. I get what you mean about not being able to get the nuances across though.