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Tell me your dreams


Might be like with my visual dreamscapes. That is just hard to describe when you are less about the “plot” than the impressions. My dreams are just a lot of walking around sometimes.


Maybe you both could just post here that you had such dreams? It could be interesting to include these in @PiecesOfKate’s Excel sheet. And maybe you’ll find a way to write things down if you start doing it. :slight_smile:


I had an interesting dream the other night. I woke up thinking.

I gotta remember that!

Then I fell asleep again and had ANOTHER interesting dream.

Then I woke up.

Had completly forgotten both.



But you had them! :slight_smile:


Hooray for me? :man_shrugging:


If the dreams weren’t bad, then of course! :smiley:


I even think they were pretty disturbing. All the more strange that I can´t remember.


Same happened to me, years ago.
You can try to remember to write down any details you could (keep pen & paper on your bedside table).
Or you can try Guga’s method: continuously think: “I have to write down this dream in the TWP forum!”, and your mind should be able to store your dream!


That reminds me, I remember the dream I had after the water-slides-at-home dream.

I was preparing to go for a jog. I intended to run for at least one hour, but I gave a look at my clock and it was quite late, so I asked my wife if it was a problem for her if I left her alone with the kids for a long time. She said “do as you like”, which of course means “don’t ever think of doing as you like, and now I’ll be upset with you no matter what you do”.

So, I’m on the streets and I suddenly remember there’s a half marathon going on. So I decide to enter it, and begin to jog. I’m impressed by the fact that my breathing is calm and I feel no fatigue despite the fact that I’m going faster than usual. “It must be the new running technique that makes me waste less energy”, I think. In front of me, there’s a work colleague whom I don’t really like, so I set my run goal on him. We’re running in an old town full of hills and narrow streets, it’s a sunny day. After a while, the track makes a turn into a street market. It’s full of people and fruit stands. It’s becoming more and more difficult to run, but also the other runners are getting slowed down, so I reach the rest of the pack. We’re now “running” on a single file, mostly walking. The street is a dead end, and the track expects the runners to go to the end of the street and then turn back. However, there’s not even a damn traffic cone at the end around which to turn, but instead, the end of the street is between two fruit stands and there’s room only for ONE person to pass through. Runners have to reach the wooden wall in the end and turn back. So, what happens is that runners entering the narrow passages and runners going away have no place to move. After a while, we’re all stuck. I’m pushing to reach the wall, and when I reach it, I can’t turn back. I notice that lots of people I know are taking part to the race.
I scream, “who the hell designed this track?”, angry. Everyone mutters in approval. I don’t remember more.


You speak Wife very well :joy:

I wonder if that new technique would work in real life? Can you remember what it was?


Not well enough to know what the answer to “where/what do you want to eat for dinner” :stuck_out_tongue:

It was just… running, I think :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know. It felt so easy, but that’s probably because it was just a dream. That’s surely because I’m currently frustrated by my training schedule, I have to train at a much lower pace to build resistance but it seems I can’t run slow enough without my heart going like crazy anyway, so I end up walking. Being able to jog and keep my heart rate slow was a “dream” in the metaphorical sense.


Yeah, that’s a tough one :wink:

Aw :slightly_smiling_face: yeah I guess maybe your brain was trying to console you.

That does sound frustrating about the running, but hopefully it’ll be worth it and you’ll get to be Dream Guga at the end of it.


Short dream today. I dreamed that there was a fat bird, white with some hints of red and black, outside of the window. And it was trying to communicate with me, so I opened the window and asked it what was wrong. It pointed at its right wing with its beak. “Your wing is broken?” I said, and it nodded with its head. “Wow, this might be the smartest bird ever”, I thought.

Then another recurrent dream: I’m enjoying some time at home with my family or friends, then I look at the clock and realize I’m hours late for work. As always, the first thing I do is calculate how late I’ll have to stay. This time it was 10 when I saw the clock, so I thought, if I prepare myself real fast and exit now, in 15 minutes I’ll be at work, then 8.5 hours + 1 hour break… I’ll be home at 20! (I’m usually home at 16:45, so you can see how this can be problematic for me) So the second thing I did, as I do every time I have this dream, is to calculate how many residual overtime hours I can use so I can exit early enough without eating too much of my time reserve. But… this time I remembered that my current job doesn’t allow this kind of flexibility (damn job, I hate it). So the third thing, as usual, was “what if I call in sick?”

I often have these dreams when the next day I want to get up early for a reason.


Oooh! What a trick question!!
The only right answer being “Funny you should ask, …”
…I just cooked your favourite meal!
…I booked that little restaurant, you know the place you have to book 6 weeks in advance to get in.
…I was just about to ask you the same!

Disclaimer: any of those 3 options might yield undesirable results, depending on the exact dialect of Wife spoken.

Of course! To her ears, you said “I choose to forget about how you don’t like to be alone looking out for the kids for a long time and to demonstrate that I am asking you now to do just that for a whimsical thing of mine and even be so inconsiderate by disguising it as a question for approval as if your opinion matters, but knowing very well that if you say no, I will act as yet another tyring child for the rest of the day. So letting me go is the lesser of two evils here, clearly”

Google translate works pretty well for some languages :grin:


Aaaah! That’s why almost every time I tell my girlfriend “do as you like”, she asks me in return if I am upset! She basically translates it into Wife, or Femalese, or whatever… :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, so that is the correct reply!

Learning Wife/Girlfriend language is actually very similar to Insult Swordfighting!


No, it’s not.

Because they counter it with something like “you know” or “what do you think?” or a “no” that means “have you written your will yet?”

Or the worst of them all. “Should I be upset?”


“I wasn’t until now!”

Yeah, Insult Swordfighting is easier as you only get 1 repartee.


In Germany a famous comedian has actually published a dictionary “Women <-> German, German <-> Women”. The publisher was/is Langenscheidt, a famous publisher of dictionaries. (The subtitle is: “Fast help for the clueless man.”)

After the huge success of that book two female authors published the book “Man <-> German, German <-> Man” (also through Langenscheidt).