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Tell me your dreams


Do you dream often such things? I work every day with computers and telephones and I never dreamed that I use them. Especially typing and reading Whatsapp texts is an abstract and complex thing. So I’m surprised that it is possible to dream that.


Yeah me neither. I don´t think I ever looked at anything on a computer or phone screen in a dream.


Actually no, I can’t remember dreaming that sort of thing before.

I did used to have a recurring dream involving phoning my aunt and recording expletives on her answerphone (!) but not in such a technical way (and on a landline, not mobile). In this one all the technical parts of using the app were quite detailed and vivid.

Hm, interesting.


As a child I used to have a recurring dream where I was quietly counting from one to ten and probably more and for some reaason I had to do it really in a hushed tone. But then it would always get louder and everytime I reached the level of a shout it would end up in my father shouting at me to be quiet. That really stressed me out but it happened like that over and over again.


That’s an interesting one. I wonder if you did it out loud in your sleep? Maybe when you heads yourself shout it triggered the end part.


Hard to tell. We slept very long together with our parents, especially in those days. They never said anything about me talking in my sleep.


Huh? I dream about using the computer all the time. Last week I dreamed I found easy to follow instructions to mod my Xbox One controller, replacing one of the sticks with a trackball. But when I turned it on the trackball turned out to be an eye that kept following me around, and it wouldn’t shut off.

So I send an e-mail to the guy who posted it and he writes something back about how it happens sometimes, no need to worry about it.

Meanwhile my controller starts turning from black plastic into some kind of weird red baby rat skin, the USB cable becoming its tail, in the middle of its back oddly enough. The two parts where you hold it four legs, all of the top (where the lit-up X sits) starting to turn into what looks like a giant brain.

I send an e-mail again inquiring what to feed my new rat baby controller, whom I’ve named Trolsie in the meantime. Only raw whole milk kefir, the guy replies.

So now that darn Trolsie is drinking most of my kefir supply, growing ever larger and larger. Meanwhile the cats are starting to grow pretty agitated, but I’ve grown quite attached to Trolsie, so I tell them to quit poofing their tails and hissing as my controller baby takes its first steps around the house.

Alas, one day Kuma is particularly agitated and she scares the controller into jumping out the window.

Then I pick up a newspaper a few months later and I read that the rats seem to have been behaving oddly lately. They’re not eating poison anymore, and some seem to be having these weird white exposed brain things growing on their back. I smile, because I know Trolsie’s safe.


Awww, a happy ending! :relaxed:
Well, for Trolsie anyway. Not sure about the rats. Will they become Trolsies too? Or just Trolsie food…


I think he/she mated with a rat and is their king/queen now. :slight_smile:


So you read your e-mails and the texts on the screen?


Well, yes? I mean, besides that dystopian dream I had one time in which the sky was littered with messages.


That reminds me I had a lucid dream one time in which my mom left a book entitled something like “Witching Basics” lying around and I think I read the whole book.

It was very trite. Broom maintenance, things like that.


So you are now able to conjure? :smiley: Or just to maintain your broom?


I had some trouble flying. With great concentration I could levitate like 10 cm.

But yeah, I could comb it like the best of 'em. :smiley:


Today I dreamed I was attending some kind of cake design course, and I had to recreate an “ocean floor” cake. The “sand” was made of crème patissière and I had to put there my decorations, that looked like corals, anemonae and other see weeds.

But those decorations were made of carrots and leeks, and I was wondering whether the recipe was right. I didn’t get to taste my cake, but it did look good.

Then I was in a park in my hometown and my daughter was chasing a puppy and there was a south-east-asian old lady on a window calling her nephew and his name was “Bagonki” which in Sardinia means “person with a big head” and this asian kid did actually have a big head so we were all laughing.

There was also a bit where I was in a supermarket running around with a sense of hurry trying to find a roasted chicken for lunch. I remember I stopped to look at the prices of some kind of electronic device, maybe a mixer, I can’t remember. I’m out of shape :frowning:


Just my luck. For once I clearly remember a very long dream in great detail and then it´s prime NC-17 material, so I cannot share it! :weary:


Well that’s just teasing!


Well…nooooo…better not. Really…better…not! :fearful:


Oh, I had one of those a couple of days ago. I can understand your reticence :stuck_out_tongue: it was definitely not a dream I wanted to share.

says the guy who told twice about his dreams of slaughtering his daughter