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Tell me your dreams


image :fish:


I was wondering if that was another subconscious reference to Guga’s daughters peeing (or needing to) :smile:


I had a pretty cool dream, where I was standing in a very misty landscape with lots of forest, trees and bushes all around and log cabins. And in the middle there was some sort of muddy slide. It was really atmospheric and moody.


My brother and I had an idea for a video game where you’re in an arcade and you have a “need to pee” meter. You have to find the bathroom in the mall maze before it gets too high.



I can’t believe it…


Actually that’s the exact concept of the adventure game we programmed in batch (with errorlevels) when we were about 9-10 years old. There was a timer as well as things you could do to increase/decrease the time.


Walk on your hands?


It’s been over 20 years; gimme a break. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually the goal wasn’t so much to find the toilet, although that was a minor challenge as well, but to find toilet paper. I think there might’ve even been randomization involved in how the house and environment could be made up, not just where the toilet paper was, but I might be thinking of the 2.0 QBasic version there. That one also had colored text.


I remember QBasic. I wonder if the “gotta go” game would translate well to a text adventure. :thinking:

The idea we had when I was a kid was more of a top-down run around, like in the style of Stranger Things mobile game. Only the kid would have a yellow bar and a brown bar (not so subtle, I know). :blush:


I meant to stop the player peeing, just to clarify. Because being upside down… gravity… er… you know… ahem. But anyway, I’d play it :wink:


Because it´s not like calling it No 1 and 2 would have been enough. :grimacing:

Does that work like that for girls? I believe I would pee in my own face if I did that.

Pardon the graphic expression.


Probably. I guess in the same way that going from lying down to standing increases urgency sometimes.

Believing isn’t good enough.


I am NOT gonna try that out.


:partying_face: :poop:


Oh THAT is what @Someone looks like! I´ve been wondering too long.



Oh hai, @Frenzie!


I dreamed I saw something that people thought was an advance screening of John Wick 3. But then the audience got pissed when it turned out it was only a lenghtly teaser that convinently featured the scene with the horse/motorcyle fight, that everyone knows now thanks to the famous set photo.


This morning my alarm went off in the middle of one of those medley dreams about lots of different things.

The weirdest segment was that I was watching the news on TV and there had been an incident at a big, apparently famous, parade in the UK. A woman had been sat on the back of a big parade float, when a man ran up to her and threw something at her. It was something pretty innocuous (I think it might’ve been a wind-up toy from Little Nightmares, actually) but she’d been badly hurt. Later on I watched a news update and she’d died.

Then all of a sudden I was WhatsApping with the accused. There were other people I didn’t know in the conversation too. He was trying to explain that he was part of a club, then I realised I recognised him (over WhatsApp!?) as a guy I knew from Army cadets. I asked him ‘which club?’ and he went quiet. I said ‘I think you mean Army cadets, right?’ and went on this big speech about how it’s okay to say that, and he shouldn’t be ashamed, and everyone should talk openly about the clubs they’re in.

At the end of my speech he wrote ‘+1’ and ‘Labour’. This surprised me and I realised then that it was a political attack. I replied ‘oh, I see’, and then instantly regretted it in case the other people thought I was endorsing what he did.

What I find so weird about all that, is that it’s my brain creating the dream, yet I really didn’t see that coming. This is further evidence that my brain is, in fact, in cahoots against me.